Teaching Guide Dry-Erase Posters

This set of six dry-erase posters—one for each study—can be displayed outside the classroom to provide families with regular updates on the children’s study-related investigations. 6 inch width x 28 inch height Six “wipe on, wipe off” posters (1 for each of the original Teaching Guides) English and Spanish… Read More

Teaching Guide Dry-Erase Posters (Spanish)

[Spanish edition] Teaching Guide Dry-Erase Posters are an eye-catching way to share with families regular updates on the study-related investigations taking place in your classroom. Each of the six wipe on, wipe off posters included in this set highlights a 6-week study topic. WHAT’S INCLUDED: 6 dry-erase posters (6” w… Read More

GOLD® Classroom Poster

The GOLD® Classroom Poster shows, in a colorful format, the 38 objectives for development and learning that describe the path you will take with the children in your class. Making this information available to families can help them learn more about child development and extend their children’s learning and discoveries… Read More