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June 16, 2020

Exciting Back-to-School Formative Assessment News: Enhancements for GOLD®

Now, more than ever, teachers need an efficient, reliable, and valid way to assess children’s development as they enter the classroom, enabling them to meaningfully individualize instruction as well as communicate and collaborate intentionally with families. Uncertainty regarding how schools and programs will operate this fall increases the need for flexibility in how assessment is conducted, how educators communicate and engage with families, and how teachers use assessment data.

We’re excited to announce that GOLD® has been enhanced to meet these needs for the 2020-2021 school year. For back-to-school, GOLD® subscriptions will include select components of Teaching Strategies’ new Distance Learning Solution, which provides users with a 360-degree assessment solution.

Once available, every GOLD® subscriber will have access to:

  • all Intentional Teaching Experiences by class type (expanded from 75), which use the most recent assessment information to help teachers individualize their instruction and efficiently add documentation with preliminary levels;
  • digital access to 100 Mighty Minutes® (per class type), which are short, engaging activities that rarely require additional materials and provide valuable learning opportunities throughout the day;
  • family activities associated with the Intentional Teaching Experiences and Mighty Minutes® that can be printed or shared digitally with families to extend learning at home and/or to facilitate distance learning; and
  • an updated MyTeachingStrategies® Family mobile app that introduces two-way communication between teachers and family members, and allows teachers to use photos and videos shared by families as documentation.

Teachers will be able to use these new features to help them successfully use GOLD®, no matter what back-to-school scenario their school is facing—whether it be distance learning, a traditional classroom setting, or a combination of the two.


To learn more about our plans, please take a look at our new datasheets and join us for a webinar later this summer:


      1. I would love to be a part of the webinar tomorrow but have another meeting at 9 am. Will it be recorded so I am able to watch later in the day?

        1. Yes! Go ahead and register for the webinar and an archive of the recording will be sent to you by email as soon as it’s available.

  1. Will you have a webinar on the Creative Curriculum Cloud? I’d love to learn more about it!

  2. I am excited that Mighty Minutes will be digital and that it will hopefully be included in the Lesson Plans of TSG. (That would make it way easier!). As well, I am looking forward to all the Intentional Teaching Opportunity Experiences to be digitalized and that both these resources will be easy for me to send to families electronically. Lastly, I would it like that family activities that correspond to these two resources be attached making it more engaging and fulfiling that families see how it’s all connected.

  3. I am excited about this and can’t wait because my program was shut down we communicated by phone which wasn’t bad and I utilized email as well but this sounds like it will be better right now I am back at work and it will be hard to join in so hopefully this is something to be made available on video later for me to view.

    1. Hi Darlene! We’re so glad to hear you’re excited about these new features and tools! If you go ahead and register for a webinar, even if you can’t attend, we will send you a recording of it as soon as it’s available by email.

  4. I would like to be part of all the online sessions to keep update it with all the new incoming new learning progress. Please keep me informed

  5. Good morning community… I just subscribed to the BLOG and I am excited about the upcoming modifications to TSG GOLD. I missed last week’s webinar… I just found out about them… but I will be looking forward to attending the remaining webinars through September.

  6. What is the expected time frame for having access to the identified digital resources i.e. teaching experiences, mighty minutes.?

    1. Hi Alecia, we hope to have those ready for all users by the end of this month! Stay tuned for more information and updates!

  7. I sign up for the zoom. Its did not work. it did not registrar to my time zone of Los Angeles pacific west coast. how can I sign in for the right one.

  8. Looking for translated family support for MyTeachingStrategies® Family App. In my district, we need directions in Spanish, Russian….

  9. Is there a webinar to show how the My Teaching Strategies Family app works for interacting with parents?

  10. Yes, I am always learning. Keep me aware of trainings and I want to access on the free trainings. I need to order a book the assessment book with the bands to score student’s for myself.

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