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Leading Early Learning: A Webinar Series for School & Program Leaders

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February 8, 2023

Administrators & program leaders, this series of free webinars was designed specifically for you. In each session, we’re joined by experts in the field of early childhood education to explore topics such as community building, meeting the needs of children with disabilities, behavior management, and more to improve your program.

Throughout the series, you’ll hear from other school and program leaders, reflect on the current school year, and plan for next year.

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Leveraging Data to Create Rich Experiences for Children With Disabilities

Friday, March 31 | 2pm ET

To best nurture the development and learning of children with disabilities, it is not enough that the learning environment be least restrictive; it must also be inclusive, engaging, and responsive to individual strengths, needs, and interests.

In this hour-long webinar, we will discuss how to move beyond collecting data merely to satisfy compliance goals and start leveraging assessment information as the key to crafting meaningful IEP goals and then meeting each child’s goals through rich, inclusive—and, yes, individualized—learning experiences.

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Guiding Children’s Behavior in a Whole-Child Environment

Friday, April 14 | 2pm ET

School administrators are often tasked with helping teachers address children’s behaviors that they find challenging. An understanding of child development and learning can inform the ways adults interact with children, such that children become better equipped to handle their emotions and make age-appropriate, pro-social decisions.

Join us for this hour-long webinar, in which we explore the role of “behavior management” in an early childhood setting devoted to promoting development and learning through a whole-child approach.

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Working for Change That Can Work for You

Friday, April 28 | 2pm ET

Leadership matters at all times, but its importance is never more apparent than when an organization is undergoing change. As school and program leaders, you are often called upon to oversee a variety of change efforts.

In this hour-long webinar, we will discuss the importance and power of viewing change-related decision-making through an equity-based lens. Whether you are ready to implement changes now or are looking forward to next school year, guidance on change management can help you craft a plan and monitor its effectiveness.

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Building a Strong School Community

Friday, March 3 | 2pm ET

What does “community” mean to you? How can school administrators foster a strong sense of community for children, families, and teachers? Furthermore, what makes this community-building work worth the effort, when you are already busy with the day-to-day demands of school leadership?

In this hour-long webinar, Teaching Strategies Vice President of Research, Dr. Nicol Russell, will be joined by Lesley Jennings, an early childhood subject matter expert at Teaching Strategies.

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Finding the Right Curriculum for Children With Disabilities

Friday, March 17 | 2pm ET

The goal of special education services is to support universal access to a high-quality, general education curriculum. The goal for school leaders is not to find a different curriculum for children identified with disabilities. The challenge is instead to find and implement with fidelity a curriculum that makes it easy for teachers to individualize learning experiences so that each child is gently challenged but not frustrated.

In this hour-long webinar we discuss how your program’s early childhood curriculum can not only include all learners but provide the support necessary for individualized growth.

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