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A Program-Wide Approach for Strong Family Partnerships

Tuesday July 20, 2021 | 3:30 PM EST

Strong and reciprocal family relationships create intentional connections between school and home and reinforce learning. Since the beginning of the pandemic, programs have reinvested in their family partnerships, as families are a critical partner in education. As children return to the classroom and families return to work, how can schools and programs continue to foster strong family partnerships?

Join ReadyRosie founder, Emily Roden, and Teaching Strategies Dual-Language Content Manager, Clarissa Martinez, as they explore the critical role school and program leaders play in creating space for strong family partnerships. Leaders who attend this webinar will
• discover the resources needed to build a program-wide family partnership strategy, rather than a classroom-by-classroom communication strategy;
• examine the existing data on positive learning outcomes associated with strong family partnerships; and
• come away with the tools to build a plan to collect appropriate data and make data-informed decisions about their programs’ family engagement strategy.

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