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They Look Like Me! Exploring the Importance of Representation in Children’s Literature

High-quality children’s literature programs prioritize the inclusion of titles that not only pique children’s interests but also pay careful attention to ensure that illustrations and storylines reflect the wide range of diversity and experiences of the families and communities in which children belong. Join us in a conversation with Nancy Traversy, Co-founder and CEO of Barefoot Books, and hear her story about how diversity and representation in children’s publishing have evolved over the past nearly 30 years since she started her business. We will also take a sneak peek at our new Digital Children’s Library now available within ​The Creative Curriculum® Cloud,​ as we discuss strategies for evolving, elevating, and maximizing your children’s library to best meet the needs of all children.

Presented by:

Breeyn Mack
Vice President, Education
Teaching Strategies

Presented by:

Nancy Traversy
Co-founder and CEO
Barefoot Books

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Teaching Strategies