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Do Ants Have Teeth? Supporting the Development of the Whole Child Through Meaningful Inquiry.

We will explore how project-based investigations, or studies, enable children to use scientific inquiry skills to actively explore topics that interest them and are relevant to their lives. As they work to find answers to their questions (which often raises more questions!), children test hypotheses, learn to communicate, build literacy skills, think mathematically, learn about themselves and others, create as artists, and use technology. These methods of learning help children build upon process skills that are critical to future school success.

Through a “deep dive” into the study approach, led by Kai-leé Berke, former early childhood educator and Teaching Strategies’ CEO, attendees will learn the many ways that children observe and explore, make connections, solve problems, organize information, and communicate and represent their ideas within a classroom community when engaged in a long-term, project-based investigation.

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