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Making Every Morning Count: Kindergarten Morning Routines as Active Learning Opportunities

Morning routines occupy an often-overlooked position in the kindergarten classroom “teachable moment” hierarchy. More than simple “welcome and get settled” moments, morning routines are opportunities for students to actively engage in meaningful literacy and math experiences that promote development and learning in multiple objectives.

This webinar will unpack the important time of day that begins with student arrivals and ends with the first large-group meeting to show how you can maximize learning during every minute. Along with describing examples of dynamic and academically rigorous literacy and math experiences, this webinar will also explore best practices for fostering students’ academic learning in authentic ways and for guiding their social–emotional and cognitive development during well-planned morning routines that set the right tone for the entire day.

Presented by:

Breeyn Mack

Vice President, Educational Content
Teaching Strategies

Kathy Loeffler

Professional Development Manager
Teaching Strategies

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