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Make Summer Learning Accessible for Every Child and Family

Make Summer Learning Accessible for Every Child and Family:
Connecting home and school learning throughout the year

As we approach summer, minimizing learning opportunity loss is top of mind for many schools and districts across the country. At Teaching Strategies, we believe the best way to mitigate learning opportunity loss in young children is through learning connections, the more connections a child has to the content they are learning, the more learning that takes place. We also know that the most powerful learning goes beyond the walls of classroom and the best learning tools flow seamlessly from school to home and back to school again. With this in mind, we designed our new “Family Learning Packs” to strengthen connections between school and home, connections between physical and digital experiences, and connections between families and children.

In this one-hour webinar we will share information about our Family Learning Packs, which include a physical backpack of learning materials and digital subscriptions to ReadyRosie and Marco Polo, to keep families engaged and children learning, in and out of the classroom, all year long. Through the session, you’ll hear from Teaching Strategies's Dual Language Content Manage, Clarissa Martinez, and family engagement expert and ReadyRosie creator, Emily Roden, as well as, Marco Polo Learning's Chief Curriculum Officer, Dr. Nermeen Dashoush, and Director of Research and Innovation, Alexandra Miller.

Presented by:

Emily Roden

Presented by:

Clarissa Martinez
Dual-Language Content Manager
Teaching Strategies

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