Making Good on the Promise of Whole-Child Assessment

The Promise of Whole-Child Assessment A mother sits on the floor, smiles broadly, and says, “Yes! Yes! Come to Mommy!” as her child takes his first tentative toddles toward her outstretched arms. A caregiver in an infants’ room purposefully places a brightly colored toy on the floor just out of… Read More

8+ Ways to Support Literacy Skills Development

It’s never too early to nurture children’s development of language and literacy skills. Even at a very young age, experiencing different genres of books, hearing stories from the adults who care about them, and exploring books alone or with peers helps them learn how to listen… Read More

Five Tips to Prepare for the First Six Weeks of School

“The first day of school.” It’s a phrase that speaks to a singularly important time—a time that comes around only once a year and for only a limited number of times in our lives.   Any mention of the first day of school paints memorable pictures for every one of… Read More

A Year of Change Brings Berwyn South Back to Their Mission

CHALLENGE: Teaching and Learning at a Distance This past year, Berwyn South School District 100 Preschool Program, like many other preschool programs across the country, faced a new challenge: how to effectively teach children in a remote or hybrid learning environment. Since teaching and learning wouldn’t take place in a… Read More

Summer Reflections for Teachers

Congratulations and happy summer! Another unprecedented school year is behind us. While summer can be a time for rest and rejuvenation, we know that teachers are always reflecting on ways to improve their practice. Below, we’ve compiled blogs to read, recordings to watch, and plans to make that will help… Read More

The Classroom Bus: We’ll All Get There Together

Business management expert Jim Collins famously wrote in his book Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t that an important aspect of building a high-performing organization is making sure you “get the right people on the bus.” He extended the idea by talking about the need… Read More

Play that song! Five reasons to use music in your classroom

The value of singing in literacy and concept development   That song is stuck in my head! Songs have a way of sneaking into our brains and playing over and over. Quite easily, we memorize parts of songs, repeat and sing words, and hum tunes. In fact, studies have shown… Read More

Implementation Science and You

Last May, I was chatting with a friend (Dr. L) about the photos of her garden I had seen posted on social media. To say her garden looked amazing would be an understatement. It was green and lush and full of herbs and vegetables and fruits that even through a… Read More

Why I Have a Soft Spot for Bullies

I’m not going to bury the lede: the reason I have a soft spot for bullies is because no one else in our classrooms sends so clear a message that they need us. My thoughts and ideas about bullies and bullying are largely based on my own experiences. I won’t… Read More

Three Simple Ideas for How You Can Nurture the Wonder-Filled Child

…and One Big Reason Why I challenge you to begin thinking about how the experiences and environments you offer contribute to the development of the “wonder-filled child.” Why focus on wonder? Because wonder is the driver of exploration, the precursor to discovery, and the twin sibling of curiosity. When children… Read More