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  • Moving Beyond the Friday Folder: Crafting Purposeful Partnerships With Families

    As their child’s first teachers and advocates for lifelong learning, families are the most important people in a child’s life. High-quality early learning programs value families’ crucial role in children’s learning and development and ensure that meaningful teacher–family partnerships are a key part of the community of learning. Using fidelity measures from The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool, this webinar explores ways to build and foster relationships with families through both formal and informal interactions. When teachers and families—the caring adults in a child’s life—work together, children’s engagement in the classroom, along with their excitement and joy in learning, flourishes.

  • Positive Relationships: The Heart of All Teaching Webinar

    A caring classroom environment is one that above all else respects children as individuals and embraces their strengths, needs, and interests. Only when children know that they are safe, respected, and a key part of the classroom community, can teachers then support children to gain the confidence to discover, explore, and learn with joy. Using fidelity measures from The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool, this webinar will explore and reflect upon strategies for creating a positive classroom climate, where the messages in your interactions and learning environment convey a solid foundation of trust and mutual respect.

  • Putting Your Learning Environment to Work So Children Can Play (and Learn)

    In this first webinar of our Fidelity in the Preschool Classroom series, we will examine indicators of developmentally appropriate practice related to the physical environment and to the structure of a typical preschool day. Presenters will tie the discussion back to fidelity of curriculum implementation using The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool as an example of a curriculum that, when implemented with fidelity, promotes positive childhood outcomes across all domains.

  • The Warmest Voice in the Room: Modeling Empathy to Create an Inclusive, Collaborative Classroom

    Positive guidance in the classroom is essential to creating an inclusive, caring community of learning that benefits all children. In this webinar, we will explore the crucial role teachers and educators play in supporting children to become empathetic and resourceful learners, and highlight what constitutes best practice for modeling an empathetic and positive approach to learning. We will also share how two former teachers used positive guidance in their classrooms to develop inclusive and caring learning communities, and offer insight on supportive ways to work with children to manage challenging behaviors and situations.

  • The Power of Play: Why Play Matters for Kindergarten Students

    Play has an essential role in the kindergarten classroom, providing opportunities for discovery and exploration that support children’s academic growth. Join us for a free webcast exploring the power of play in kindergarten classrooms, and how through play, children can develop important skills and knowledge that support their ability to become creative, confident learners and critical thinkers. We’ll be joined by Mallory Carpenter, a kindergarten teacher from Jack, Alabama, who piloted The Creative Curriculum® for Kindergarten in her classroom.

  • Inside the Research - Differentiated rates of growth across preschool dual language learners

    The demographic makeup of the classroom is ever changing, with more dual-language learners in the classroom than ever before. This change prompted Dr. Richard Lambert from the Center for Educational Measurement & Evaluation at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte and his colleagues to explore the impact of GOLD® on dual-language learners.

    Join us as we discuss our latest journal article, published in the Bilingual Research Journal, where we will highlight this study and how GOLD® helped raise the quality of assessment and instruction with bilingual children.

  • A Look Inside The Creative Curriculum® for Kindergarten

    The Creative Curriculum® for Kindergarten provides a research-based, whole-child focused approach to project-based learning in the kindergarten classroom.

    Join us for a look inside The Creative Curriculum® for Kindergarten and another opportunity to ask questions. We’ll introduce you to the brand-new studies, Intentional Teaching Cards™, Mighty Minutes®, and more – all designed to build upon children’s natural curiosity with opportunities for investigation, exploration, discovery, and meaningful, purposeful play.

  • Introducing The Creative Curriculum® for Family Child Care

    The newest edition of The Creative Curriculum® for Family Child Care is here! As the only research-based, high-quality curriculum designed specifically for the unique family child care setting, The Creative Curriculum® for Family Child Care will support your ability to use everyday routines and experiences as opportunities to build relationships with the children in your care and promote their learning in meaningful ways. In this webinar we highlight the newest additions to the curriculum, including Intentional Teaching Cards™, Mighty Minutes®, and more.

  • Helping Teachers Implement Curriculum with Fidelity

    In this webinar we explore the role of coaching in an early childhood education program. We’ll explore the coaching process along with practical strategies for improving your work with teachers and caregivers at all levels of implementation. You’ll discover ways to enhance the quality of your coaching and how to tailor what you do to the individual strengths, needs, and opportunities you observe in your programs.

  • Building Your Classroom Community

    Join us for a free webcast exploring how the first six weeks of school present an opportunity to support children’s social-emotional development as they become comfortable in their new environment. The time you invest now in building relationships with children is well spent, and it will reward you with positive interactions throughout the year.

  • Using The Creative Curriculum® to Strengthen Instructional Practices

    Join us for an in-depth look at the research grounding The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool and a discussion of the many ways that this research-based, research-proven solution can help you have confidence that you’re focusing on what matters most for supporting the success of all children. We’ll take a look inside the newest volume of The Foundation—Science and Technology, Social Studies & the Arts—and explore the ways each curriculum component can help inform effective instructional practice.

  • The Meaning Behind the Mess: Supporting Children’s Creative Process in the Art Area

    Most young children love to explore through art, and frequently experiment with different materials, textures, colors, and techniques.

    Join us for a discussion of how the process of creating art boosts the development of many important skills that are essential for children’s success in school and in life. We’ll share strategies for interacting with children in the Art area, and help you to understand the many ways that you can help celebrate the process and the product in equal measure.

  • A Glimpse Inside the Latest Edition of The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool

    Presented April 26, 2016

  • Do Ants Have Teeth? Supporting the Development of the Whole Child Through Meaningful Inquiry.

    Presented April 7, 2016

  • Invisible Assessment: Capturing the Moments that Matter without Disrupting Learning

    Presented February 18, 2016

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