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International Sales Representatives

Contact Your Regional Sales Representative

Our dedicated team of regional sales representatives is ready to support you and your early childhood program. Contact your state sales representative with any questions, requests, or to order our resources.

  • Nathaniel Rossoff
    301-634-0818, x1329
    New Jersey and International
  • David Graham
    Military & Government
    301-634-0818, x1158
    Military and International
  • Paolo Risco
    301-634-0818, x1192
    Florida and International

Dominican Republic: Antillian Service

Carmen Lopez

Panama: 123 EDU, S.A.

Tatiana El Jeaid

(P) +507-640-095-92

Puerto Rico: Camera Mundi, Inc.

Jennifer Sánchez

(P) 787-743-4876 ext. 208

Iris Alvarado

(P) 787-743-4876 ext. 247

Professional Development

Rubén Ramos

(P) 787-743-4876 ext. 205

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