Snapshots from the Day

Snapshots from the Day

View selected moments of a typical day below that best illustrate how all components of our comprehensive program work together.

Earlier this week

Ms. Alvarez logs into the Teaching Strategies platform, and accesses her curriculum and planning tools to complete her daily plans. She adds her chosen study, and the system auto-populates her calendar with content for the next 4 weeks.

7:45 AM

She logs into the platform to make adjustments to her daily plan based on her interactions with children yesterday—including an additional Intentional Teaching Experience (ITE) to support social–emotional development and learning.

Digital access and auto-population of content gives Ms. Alvarez more time to focus on her small-group planning. Today she’ll be focusing on Objective 20a, “Counts,” and individualizing her activity to meet each child’s needs.

9:20 AM

For large group and choice time, Ms. Alvarez uses guidance from her daily plans within the Teaching Guide to make a Venn diagram that helps the children recall details of two different stories and classify similarities and differences.

With content from within The Creative Curriculum®, Ms. Alvarez is able to facilitate children’s discovery in the interest areas during choice time, and further extend learning in large group. Her GOLD® assessment data, automatically populated with the ITE, enables her to individualize learning experiences and, as she observes the children, she uses the mobile app to capture photos and dictate notes to support assessment with observations about children’s skills, strengths, abilities and interests throughout the classroom.

11:00 AM

Ms. Alvarez engages children in a small-group Intentional Teaching Experience focused on counting. While online, she can simultaneously teach and gather documentation of children’s learning and upload it to GOLD®. She can also send families the suggested LearningGames® digitally or printed out—in English or in Spanish—to strengthen this skill at home.

Children’s names are auto-populated along the Teaching Sequence of an Intentional Teaching Experience based on their most recent GOLD® assessment data. This seamless link between curriculum and assessment provides Ms. Alvarez the information she needs to individualize each child’s instruction and provide family members with photo and video evidence of their child’s progress.

1:00 PM

During rest time, Ms. Alvarez sends a ReadyRosieTM Modeled Moment video featuring a family counting together (in English or Spanish) to families of children who need extra support with this skill. The email that family members receive also includes additional activities to explore with their children at home.

ReadyRosieTM automatically sends families Modeled Moment videos weekly to support learning at home in the family’s home language of either English or Spanish. Sending home an additional Modeled Moment video helps reinforce the learning that took place during small group and throughout the day. It empowers families to participate in and further extend classroom learning at home.

3:00 PM

Without any additional work from Ms. Alvarez, Tadpoles® shares with families each child’s daily report featuring photos and videos she’s captured throughout the day.

The Tadpoles® app enables Ms. Alvarez to share a custom daily report featuring photos and videos that summarize each child’s day. Ms. Alvarez is able to seamlessly maintain actionable attendance and tracking data required by program administration and bookkeeping.

3:30 PM

Ms. Alvarez accesses her online professional development and completes a 10-minute fidelity tutorial to support her goal of incorporating more math learning across all interest areas.

With a subscription that provides unlimited access to all of Teaching Strategies’ online professional development courses, Ms. Alvarez and her coach can work together to build an individualized plan that provides support to continually elevate her teaching practice and earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Get the flexibility, support, and dynamic tools you need to effectively engage and teach children in and out of the classroom.

Get the flexibility, support, and dynamic tools you need to effectively engage and teach children in and out of the classroom.

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