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Welcome to MyTeachingStrategies®

We are excited to introduce you to MyTeachingStrategies®, a new and exciting upgrade to your GOLD® user experience. Upon logging into your GOLD® account, you will be taken to the new MyTeachingStrategies® platform.

The MyTeachingStrategies® platform provides you with an updated user interface and allows you to easily access key areas and functionality essential to a high-quality practice: teaching and assessing, ongoing professional development, reporting, and engaging with families.

MyTeachingStrategies® FAQs for Teachers

How will the upgrade improve my experience?

MyTeachingStrategies® provides a better and more supportive user experience. You can now access your digital Teaching Strategies products from a single location, eliminating the need for multiple browser screens.

MyTeachingStrategies® was designed with a teacher’s needs in mind, making our online resources more intuitive to use and easier to navigate, as well as being compatible with mobile devices.

As part of the MyTeachingStrategies® upgrade, the Objectives for Development & Learning now span from birth through third grade. This provides more information on the powers and importance of the first eight years of a child’s life for future school success. With this expansion, you may notice a few changes in the progressions that were updated based on the most current research. For more information, login to MyTeachingStrategies®, select the blue question mark at the bottom left, and access the GOLD® Objectives for Development & Learning, Birth to Third Grade to B-K Comparison resource.


Did the login process or my login credentials change?

No, you will access and login to MyTeachingStrategies® in the same manner you are accustomed to logging into GOLD®. Your username and password did not change.

If you have trouble logging in, the following support articles may provide you additional support:

How do I login to MyTeachingStrategies®?

How do I retrieve my username if I’ve forgotten it?

What if I forgot my password to MyTeachingStrategies®?


What happened to data that had been previously entered into GOLD®?

Any data collected through the previous interface for GOLD® on active or archived child portfolios is still accessible within MyTeachingStrategies®.


How do I access the GOLD® Kindergarten Entry Assessment Survey?

You can access this feature through the Assess Area.

For additional information you may find the following support article helpful:

How do I use the KEA Survey?

How do I navigate within MyTeachingStrategies®?

You may find MyTeachingStrategies® to be easier to use and more intuitive to navigate as functionality is available in five key areas: Teach, Assess, Develop, Report, and Family.

For additional information, you may find the following support article helpful:

How do I use the MyTeachingStrategies® dashboard as a teacher?

Getting Started with MyTeachingStrategies®

We recommend taking the 3 steps below to familiarize yourself with MyTeachingStrategies®:

STEP 1: Login to MyTeachingStrategies®

Begin to explore the functionality and updated interface of MyTeachingStrategies®. For help logging in, click here!

STEP 2: Explore Free On-Demand Product Tutorials and Courses

We recommend exploring two free on-demand professional development opportunities, available for all users to access within the Develop area.

Free 2-Hour Product Tutorial: Introducing MyTeachingStrategies®
This online product tutorial will introduce users to MyTeachingStrategies®, the online single-entry point for all of Teaching Strategies’ digital classroom solutions.

Free 10-Hour Objectives for Development & Learning Course
This online in-depth course thoroughly explores the 38 research-based objectives for development and learning that describe the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are most predictive of school success.


For additional information, you may find the following support article helpful:

How do I access the online courses and product tutorials in MyTeachingStrategies®?


STEP 3: Register for the MyTeachingStrategies® Introductory Webinar

Register today for a MyTeachingStrategies® Introductory Webinar focused on preparing you for your KEA data collection and assessment process for the 2019–2020 school year. Click here to register!


Receiving Additional Support

As your partner, we are always happy and willing to help. Visit our MyTeachingStrategies® Support Portal to access additional support resources and to contact us with questions.


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