We offer a wide range of in-person sessions from introductory to advanced, designed to support effective implementation of GOLD® and GOLDplus®. In-person sessions are available on-site scheduled at your convenience.

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GOLD® Sessions*

Introductory Sessions for Teachers

Implementing GOLD®

In this hands-on lab session, teachers will learn the basic skills they need to begin implementing GOLD® in their classrooms. They will examine the progressions of development and learning and the assessment process, practice evaluating a child’s portfolio, create useful assessment information by linking curricular objectives to documentation, and develop conference forms to communicate with families.

2 Days

Observation and Introductory GOLD® Lab Session

This 3-day session introduces teachers to the art of purposefully observing children in the early childhood classroom, followed by an introduction to the components and structure of GOLD®. Teachers will learn why observation is important, what constitutes useful evidence of children’s development and learning, and how to capture objective documentation that effectively informs planning and instruction. By the end of the session, teachers will have an understanding of quality observations and have the basic skills they need to begin implementing GOLD®.

3 Days

GOLD® for Kindergarten With Common Core State Standards

This 2-day session introduces teachers to GOLD® and familiarizes teachers with the Common Core State Standards for kindergarten students. Through video clips, small-group work, and facilitator-led discussions, teachers will explore the structure, features, and functionality of the tool and will practice using it to follow the four-step assessment cycle. Hands-on activities include observing children and writing objective observation notes, evaluating a child portfolio, and communicating assessment information with families. By the end of the session, teachers will have the basic skills they need to begin implementing GOLD® in their classrooms.

2 Days

Continuing Sessions for Teachers

Using GOLD® Data to Make Accurate Assessment Decisions

Designed for experienced GOLD® users, this advanced lab session helps teachers master the process of determining what levels children have reached in terms of the objectives for development and learning. Teachers will examine indicators, consider in-between levels, evaluate a child’s portfolio, complete the evaluation process with sample data, learn strategies for overcoming challenging assessment situations, and prepare for GOLD® Interrater Reliability Certification from Teaching Strategies.

1 Day

Using GOLD® Data to Plan Instruction and Communicate Children’s Progress

Designed for experienced GOLD® users, this session guides teachers through the process of using GOLD® assessment data to plan instruction and sharing children’s progress with families and others involved in children’s learning. Teachers will practice using sample data for short- and long-term planning; explore strategies for communicating children’s progress in a meaningful way; and practice generating, interpreting, and explaining each of the major reports in GOLD®.

1 Day

Linking Curriculum and Assessment with GOLDplus®

This half-day supplemental session introduces participants to the features and functionality of GOLDplus®. Through hands-on practice and interactive group discussions, participants will learn how to navigate the planning features of GOLDplus® and use Intentional Teaching experiences to promote all children’s development and learning.

Half Day

Using GOLDplus® to Teach Intentionally

Intentional teachers use their knowledge of best practices, understanding of each child, and relationship-building expertise every day to support individual children’s development and learning in all domains. GOLDplus® streamlines that process by directly linking curriculum and assessment, making it possible to use real-time information about each child to individualize instruction in meaningful ways. This immersive 1-day course introduces teachers to the GOLD® platform and GOLDplus® and guides them through the process of using the planning features and Intentional Teaching experiences to support children’s learning in developmentally appropriate ways.

1 Day

Sessions for Administrators

Interpreting and Using GOLD® Data

In this 1-day session, participants will be introduced to the purposes, structure, and administrator features of GOLD®. Discussions will focus on supporting teachers throughout the four-step assessment cycle. Administrators will learn about the major reports featured in GOLD® and practice interpreting the data found in the reports. In addition, participants will identify and discuss a variety of implementation challenges and ways to overcome them. By the end of the session, administrators will be fully prepared to support the teachers in their program as they implement GOLD®.

1 Day

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Session Time

Coaching Sessions

Sessions for Administrators and Coaches

Coaching Teachers to Fidelity of Implementation

Administrators and others who provide direct classroom support to teachers learn how to use Coaching to Fidelity and The Fidelity Tool for Administrators to support teachers at all levels in their implementation of The Creative Curriculum® and/or GOLD®. In addition to exploring these resources, participants discover effective approaches to use when observing teachers and building relationships, tips for using the fidelity resources effectively, and strategies for supporting teachers at different levels of implementation.

2 Days

Custom Coaching Support with Classroom Observation and Action Planning

Using the Coaching to Fidelity tools, administrators and coaches will receive direct and custom support on observing instruction, reviewing documentation and evaluating data in order to address the specific needs of their program. This coaching relationship will last throughout the year with the option of coaches applying for the Accreditation Program for Trainers.

1 to 6 Days

*Free Interrater Reliability Certification for teachers within every program that subscribes to or renews GOLD®

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