NAEYC 2013: Proven: Effective. Validated. And even better outcomes together.

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Proven to Produce Positive Child Outcomes

An independent, two-year impact study found evidence that The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool is effective in helping children achieve positive outcomes. Specifically:

  • Higher literacy and math outcomes
  • Increased teacher effectiveness

Read the summary research report.

Proven to be Even Better Together

Another new report reveals that children in classrooms using The Creative Curriculum and GOLD® together had greater growth and higher positive outcomes. Findings included:

  • Higher outcomes across five areas of development and learning
  • Overall positive outcomes for all children in the research sample
  • Demonstrated effectiveness for all learners, including children with disabilities and English-language learners

Read the summary research report.

Proven to Support Effective Teaching

The Creative Curriculum and GOLD® have the same 38 essential objectives for development and learning at their core, helping every teacher to:

  • Directly link assessment and instruction
  • Focus on what’s most important for school readiness and success
  • Use data to successfully individualize instruction
  • Provide learning experiences that are meaningful for every child

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Proven to Show Concurrent Validity

A new report confirms that GOLD® has concurrent validity with various other assessment tools, eliminating the need for programs to use multiple assessment resources in the classroom. Specifically:

  • Programs can avoid duplicative efforts by using only GOLD®
  • GOLD® is effective for gathering important information on children’s learning and development
  • GOLD® is respectful of teachers’ and children’s time
  • Using GOLD® is more cost-effective than using multiple measures

Read the summary research report.

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