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Teaching Strategies® has partnered with Kodo Kids to create unique collections of high-quality materials to support and elevate your classroom experiences. Kodo Interest Area and General Classroom collections support teachers to effectively implement The Creative Curriculum® and energize children’s hands-on investigative learning.

The Creative Curriculum® Kits

Our newly updated, specially-designed collection of educational materials, created in partnership with Hatch Early Learning, helps support the implementation of The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool and The Creative Curriculum® for Infants, Toddlers & Twos. These preselected assortments of rich, interactive materials are organized into individual kits that focus on supporting one specific area of development or type of experience. This allows teachers to choose which kits would best enhance their classroom experiences based on their own individual needs.

Our preassembled curriculum kits save you valuable time and, most importantly, make sure that you have just what you need for successful implementation of the curriculum. Adding curriculum kits to your classroom will help you engage children in learning experiences across developmental areas using developmentally-appropriate, high-quality materials.

Support for Play and Investigations

Our curriculum kits offer a wide range of tools and materials, from manipulatives to sensory balls, which support and encourage meaningful learning through play and the investigations that are at the heart of The Creative Curriculum®.

Emphasis on Language and Literacy

Each carefully-crafted kit includes materials that support language and literacy during experiences and investigations such as nonfiction and fiction texts, sandpaper letters, and writing materials.

High-Quality Materials

All of the materials included in the kits were carefully chosen by our content experts and are made of high-quality materials. Their bright colors and simple designs are inviting to children and encourage them to both explore and play.

Enhancing Block Play

In The Creative Curriculum® classroom Block area, young children use their imagination and creativity to plan, build, and create using a variety of blocks. Wooden blocks appeal to young children because they invite open-ended exploration where opportunities to create something new are endless.

Enhancing Block Play Collections are captivating and are designed to complement your existing block collection. This collection includes blocks, block accessories, ramps, large building accessories, and story play props.

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Enhancing Art Collections

In The Creative Curriculum® classroom Art area, children use their senses to explore various types of materials as they create, represent, and express their ideas in visual form.

Enhancing Art Collections from Kodo Kids are designed to foster young children’s creative expression and can complement the existing materials in your Art area. The collection includes a variety of art media such as sand trays, rakes and textured rolling pins, chalk and chalk spinners, and weaving walls.

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Enhancing Dramatic Play

In The Creative Curriculum® classroom Dramatic Play area, children use their imagination and creativity to take on roles, act out various scenarios, and make connections to things they have experienced in their everyday lives.

Enhancing Dramatic Play Collections were designed to provide unique props that inspire young children’s imagination and play experiences and can complement the existing materials in your Dramatic Play area. This collection includes textured play foods and bowls, silk scarves, a diverse collection of play dolls, wooden clips, and other handcrafted parts.

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Enhancing Sand and Water Collections

In The Creative Curriculum® classroom Sand and Water area, children’s curiosity and wonder prompt them to use their senses to explore and experiment. These open-ended, sensory experiences provide children with endless opportunities to fill, dump, mix, sift, sort, and combine.

Enhancing Sand and Water Play Collections provide a variety of special tools to foster children’s curiosity and sensory explorations and can complement the existing materials in your Sand and Water area. This collection includes a funnel stand, wooden sorting tower, Jurassic sand, and a variety of sifting, mixing, and sorting tools.

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Enhancing Toys and Games

In The Creative Curriculum® classroom Toys and Games area, children explore manipulatives, puzzles, collectibles, and other types of games that pique their curiosity and natural desire to problem-solve.

Enhancing Toys and Games Collections were expertly designed and crafted to stimulate children’s senses and encourage exploration, and can complement the existing materials in the Toys and Games area. This collection includes tabletop construction parts, puzzles, games, and tools for balancing, measuring, sorting, and graphing.

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Enhancing Discovery Collections

In The Creative Curriculum® classroom Discovery area, children use their curiosity and senses to manipulate, sort and organize interesting materials.

Enhancing Discovery Collections have been curated to foster children’s sense of wonder and complement the existing materials in your Discovery area. The collections include marbles and rubber ramps, wooden tubes and bowls, light lab panel, light lab materials tray and special drawing board, acrylic pegs, and a gem spinner.

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Enhancing Outdoor Collections

In The Creative Curriculum®, children engage in outdoor play experiences that promote their health and well-being. The outdoors provides children with space and opportunities to run, jump, climb, play, and explore!

Enhancing Outdoors Collections have been intentionally selected to get children moving and thinking! The collection includes unique outdoor ramps, funnels, balance scales, pails, scoops, and wooden balls.

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