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Created in partnership with Hatch Early Learning, our specially-designed collection of educational materials helps support the implementation of The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool and The Creative Curriculum® for Infants, Toddlers & Twos. These preselected assortments of rich, interactive materials are organized into individual kits that focus on supporting one specific area of development or type of experience—allowing teachers to choose which kits would best enhance their classroom experiences based on their own individual needs.

Our preassembled curriculum kits save you valuable time and, most importantly, make sure that you have just what you need for successful implementation of the curriculum.

Support for Play and Investigations

Our curriculum kits offer a wide range of tools and materials, from manipulatives to sensory balls, which support and encourage meaningful learning through play and the investigations that are at the heart of The Creative Curriculum®.

Emphasis on Language and Literacy

Each carefully-crafted kit includes materials that support language and literacy during experiences and investigations such as nonfiction and fiction texts, sandpaper letters, and writing materials.

High-Quality Materials

All of the materials included in the kits were carefully chosen by our content experts and are made of high-quality materials. Their bright colors and simple designs are inviting to children and encourage them to both explore and play.

Preschool Kits


Social–Emotional Learning

Language & Literacy

Language & Literacy
(Spanish Supplement)

Physical Development


Infants, Toddlers & Twos Kits

Enjoying Stories and Books (Infant)

Enjoying Stories and Books
(Set 2 with Puppets)

Enjoying Stories and Books
(Supplemental Books)

Imitating and Pretending

Connecting With Music and Movement

Playing With Toys

Tasting and Preparing Food

Enjoying Stories and Books
(Set 1 with Photo Mat)

Creating With Art

Going Outdoors

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