Hear what Stanislaus County has to say about
The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool

At Teaching Strategies, we’re proud to be working with early childhood programs to implement solutions that support effective teaching and children’s development and learning. In this video*, you’ll learn about Stanislaus County Head Start and how The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool helps their teachers to fill every day with meaningful and engaging experiences for the children in their program.

To learn more about how your program can benefit from The Creative Curriculum, call 800.637.3652 or visit TeachingStrategies.com/Curriculum.

Stanislaus County Office of Education Head StartAbout Stanislaus County Head Start

The Child/Family Services Division of the Stanislaus County Office of Education consists of both federal and state funded subsidized child care and development programs which provide services to approximately 6,500 children in a seven-county region across Migrant/Seasonal, Regional Head Start and Early Head Start programs. The teachers, family services staff and health staff are committed to providing children with individualized experiences designed to inspire children’s interests and growth. They have a comprehensive school readiness plan to ensure that individual children and groups of children are continually learning and growing.

Timeline of The Creative Curriculum for Preschool

*NOTE: All children appearing in Teaching Strategies’ videos were filmed with permission from their parents and/or legal guardians, who have signed releases allowing us to use the footage in our promotional materials.