Five Tips for Individualizing Learning Throughout the Day

José was a sweet, charming child in my class during my first year of teaching. José’s artistic skills led him to run a nice little business drawing illustrations of cartoon characters for his classmates—for a small fee, of course. He won every drawing contest he entered and was selected to… Read More

Adaptive Curriculum and Its Role in Student Success

Consider the role adaptability plays in success of all kinds. In some ways, it’s everything. In biology, it is adaptability that allows for species to evolve and survive. In relationships, it is what allows for give and take, as situations that require compromise arise. In technology, it is the way… Read More

Celebrating NAEYC’s Week of the Young Child™

NAEYC’s annual Week of the Young Child™ (April 8-12) gives you the chance to celebrate young children – and gives us the chance to celebrate YOU! During this week (and every week!) we’re so grateful to you for supporting and caring for our youngest learners and… Read More

Individualizing to Include All Children

“Fair isn’t everybody getting the same thing. Fair is everybody getting what they need in order to be successful.” For teachers, each school year is full of surprises and excitement. When I transferred to a new school in my sixth year of teaching, I was armed with a head full of theory and lots of… Read More