We believe that all children deserve a nurturing, engaging, and high-quality learning environment designed to support their unique needs throughout the critical, formative years.

At Teaching Strategies, we help early childhood educators build this environment and provide the foundation for success for every child by connecting teachers, children, and families to inspired teaching and learning experiences, informative data, and stronger partnerships through the leading early learning platform and solutions.


Our leadership consists of a diverse group of professionals—each with a passion for supporting educators and helping children become creative and confident lifelong learners.


15 Million
Children served over the last 10 years
Classrooms since 2018
of Head Start programs
of the largest districts

Unmatched Innovation


The ONLY comprehensive connected learning ecosystem for early childhood.


Launch of the first-of-its-kind Distance Learning Solution for early childhood.


Addition of the popular, active family engagement system—ReadyRosie.


Launch of our online IACET accredited professional development library.


Launch of GOLD- a first-of-its-kind online assessment solution.


Introduction of the first study-based, developmentally appropriate curriculum.


After 4 years in development, Teaching Strategies launches The Development Continuum for Ages 3-4—a first-of-its-kind resource to track children’s developmental progress that would become the foundation for GOLD.


Unable to gain the interest of a publisher, founder Diane Dodge self-publishes an early edition of The Creative Curriculum® and her filmstrip, Room Arrangement as a Teaching Strategy—the first products of Teaching Strategies.


Diane Dodge (founder of Teaching Strategies) becomes the Education Coordinator for a Head Start program in Mississippi. She is tasked with setting up the education program for 900 children and training the program’s teachers.

Diane develops her own curriculum materials and prints them on a mimeograph machine for the teachers in her program.

Our Partners

Teaching Strategies partners with innovative, mission-driven organizations that share our deep commitment to early learning and education. Our partnerships allow us to enhance and expand the scope and quality of our connected ecosystem to positively impact outcomes for children everywhere.



At Teaching Strategies, the work we do together has a wide-reaching impact. By empowering and inspiring early childhood educators and providing them with the support they need, we’re improving the quality of education for young children everywhere and helping them to become lifelong creative and confident thinkers.

Join us and help change the future of early childhood education.

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Teaching Strategies Cares

Teaching Strategies Cares (TS Cares) is a voluntary, employee-led group creating community service opportunities for our employees. Past events include coat drives, book drives, food drives, as well as outfitting select private childcare facilities with free curriculum resources.

TS Cares is focused on impacting children and families in our local communities by providing them with some of the necessary resources to be successful in life.


NAEYC’s updated “Developmentally Appropriate Practice” position statement emphasizes the importance of engaged, joyful learning. In this piece, Nicol Russel, Vice President of Implementation at Teaching Strategies and mother to a 5-year-old daughter, shares an example from her own life that demonstrates what engaged, joyful learning looks like during a time when many early learning programs around the country are struggling, and educators, families, and children are navigating virtual school and social distancing.
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Children born in the COVID era could be talking, walking and interacting later and less frequently. Experts like Nicol Russell, vice president of implementation research at Teaching Strategies, tell USA Today that early intervention is critical and provide tips on what to do if you think a child isn’t hitting recommended developmental milestones.
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Young children who have known little other than a pandemic world are struggling to socialize and regulate their emotions, writes reporter Alia Wong for USA Today. Nicol Russell, vice president of implementation research for Teaching Strategies, is among the early childhood experts to weigh in on what to do about challenging behaviors and how to acclimate children to a post-pandemic society.
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