Coach Teachers Every Step of the Way

A Road Map for a Successful Implementation

Coaching to Fidelity provides guidance and strategies for observing teachers, providing effective feedback, building positive relationships, and supporting teachers with confidence throughout your implementation.

Learn, Practice, and Apply

Ongoing coaching is key to long-term success for educators. Empower teachers and caregivers to focus on a specific goal with a skilled coach, practice it, apply it within their programs, and then reflect on their experience to refine their practices over time.

Sustain Growth and Implement With Fidelity

Early childhood classrooms are most successful when they implement curriculum and assessment with fidelity. Ensure confidence for every caregiver and teacher.

Make a Lasting Impact

Programs enjoy the most success when teachers receive ongoing, positive support from a coach. Working side-by-side with a coach throughout the year provides meaningful touchpoints to refine practices over time, further your progress, and make a lasting impact on teaching practices based on what is happening in your classrooms.

Teachers have expressed their pleasure in having a coach that knows Teaching Strategies. They can ask them specifically about their individual situation because when you're participating in a large professional development session it’s not as easy to ask each of your own questions. The coaches address aspects and challenges of each teacher’s individual classroom. Teachers are loving that.
Anita Totty, Director, Early Childhood
Detroit Public Schools Community District
I have to admit this coaching thing is AWESOME.
Aileena Acoff, Teacher, Early Childhood
Detroit Public Schools Community District

More Reasons to Love Teaching Strategies Coaching


Coach for Success

At Teaching Strategies, we believe that early childhood classrooms are most successful when they implement curriculum and assessment with fidelity—and we support early childhood educators because we are early childhood educators. Detroit leveraged coaching to make big gains for little learners.

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Ongoing Support and Guidance

Programs that provide 30–100 hours of professional development over 6–12 months see the most significant impact on child outcomes. When teachers are supported over time by a coach, their confidence increases, and their classrooms show it.

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A Champion for Every Teacher

In every classroom is a teacher who is impacting the lives of children. Make an impact on them with the support of a coach who is an expert in early childhood education.

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