A Kindergartener’s Love for
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Innovative Approach to Data-Informed Planning

Meet every child at their unique level, celebrate learning through purposeful play that builds upon their natural curiosities, and help every child reach their full potential including the needs of English-language learners, advanced learners, and children with disabilities.

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Advance Academic Rigor and Social-Emotional Learning

Research evidence shows that project-based learning engages children in authentic learning experiences, allowing them to observe, connect ideas, solve problems and communicate. Project-based learning allows for academic learning in ALL areas including social–emotional development.

Elevate the School to Home Connection

Strengthen the connection from school to home by sharing the learning happening in your classroom with families. 24/7 digital access allows you to easily share At-Home Guided Learning Plans, Guided Learning Experiences, Family Mighty Minutes and a Digital Children’s Library.

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Ensure Your Kindergarten Program Supports All Learners

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Cultivate an Integrated, Whole-Child Approach

Our studies allow children to build skills in science, social studies, math and literacy and allow them to engage in learning that meets their physiological, emotional and intellectual needs. Use our daily resources or incorporate your own resources throughout your day with our powerful planning tool.

Intentionally Foster a Positive Classroom Community

Beginning kindergarten is a big step for children. Allow children to get to know you and one another, what to expect at school with resources for the first few weeks. Our embedded support and guidance, online tutorials, sessions and coaching are there to support you every step of the way.

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Focus on Language and Literacy Skills

Read aloud using our children’s book collection and Digital Children’s Library and promote language and literacy skills for kindergarteners. The books include the key tenants of a high-quality literature program—a wide range of genres that explore life in other cultures, celebrate diversity, spark curiosity, and inspire children’s imaginations.

Spark a Love for Reading

Daily Data-Driven Instruction

Using a data-driven approach to instruction has never been easier and more effective starting with the first checkpoint survey to easily assess their readiness. Easily capture, organize and store notes, photos, videos and digital samples of children’s work in the moment. Meet the needs of all children with ease by adding GOLD formative assessment to The Creative Curriculum for Kindergarten.

 Easily Inform Instruction

The Creative Curriculum for Kindergarten incorporates play through various activities, increasing the engagement of our young students. It’s easy to use and complements existing curriculum we already have in the classroom.
Mary H.
Des Moines, WA

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Aligned to Early Learning Standards

Aligned to early learning guidelines in each state, so you can demonstrate that your program is meeting all requirements.

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Individualized Learning Experiences for All Kindergarteners

Ensure concepts and skills are introduced and reinforced in a logical, thoughtful, sequential, and coherent order.

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The First Data Collection  Made Easy

A Kindergarten Entry Assessment Survey helps you save time collecting assessment information during the first checkpoint of the kindergarten school year.

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Voices from the Field: Our Experience Developing the Whole Child

Suzy Potts, Coordinator of Early Learning at Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools, shares her own experience of introducing a whole-child approach in kindergarten.

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Open a World of Exploration, Discovery and Possibility

Children develop a lifelong love of learning when they are supported in all areas of development and learning with The Creative Curriculum for Kindergarten.

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