Alabama First-Class Pre-K & Alabama P-3 FAQs

For the 2024–2025 school year

Your classes and children will be uploaded into SmartTeach™ for you,
beginning the first week of August, 2024.

When can I access my SmartTeach™ account?

The Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education has a nightly integration with SmartTeach™, which links to the department’s student information system. This will automatically populate your account, your class and children. After you receive notification from your First-Class Pre-K coach that classes and children have loaded for the school year, you may access your account. This typically happens in early August.

IMPORTANT to note once you have successfully accessed your SmartTeach™ account:

Your classes and children will be uploaded into SmartTeach™ for you

  • Please DO NOT add or delete any classes or children in the system
How do I receive my username and password?

Region Directors send new teachers a link to the Personnel Profile Form (PPF). A username will be created 24-48 hours after submitting the PPF. After the 24-48 hour timeframe, enter the username format in the SmartTeach™ log-in field. Select Forgot Password.  A temporary password will be sent to the email address you provided on the PPF.

To access the site correctly, the required standard username format must be used.

Username format: jane.doe0403pk

Jane Doe 04 03 pk




Month of


Day of


Indicates the license

level in SmartTeach™

(in this example, it is pre-k)

If the PPF has been filled out prior to the school year, teachers do not need to attempt to access their account until they have received information from their coach.

Which resources do I have access to in SmartTeach™?

P-3 Kindergarten Teachers: You have access to SmartTeach™, the GOLD® Assessment, The Creative Curriculum® Cloud for Kindergarten.

P-3 1st – 3rd Teachers: You have access to SmartTeach™ and the GOLD® Assessment.

First-Class Pre-K Teachers: You have access to SmartTeach™,  the GOLD® Assessment, The Creative Curriculum® Cloud for Pre-school, ReadyRosie®, and the PD Teacher Membership.

Which IRR certification should I take, and when does it need to be completed?

IRR completion is expected within 30 days after the 12-hour SmartTeach™/GOLD® platform professional development session has concluded.  If teachers do not have access to their own accounts at the time of training, then the expectation is within 30 days from gaining account access.

Alabama First-Class Pre-K teachers should complete the Preschool Exam, available in English and Spanish, and P-3 teachers should complete the Kindergarten Exam, located in the Quorum eLearning Platform (access through the Develop tab in SmartTeach™).

As a First-Class PreK teacher or a P-3 Kindergarten teacher; how will I receive The First Six Weeks: Building Your Classroom Community materials?

Contact your coach if you have not yet received The First Six Weeks: Building Your Classroom Community materials.

  • The First Six Weeks: Building Your Classroom Community kit will include the GOLD® Objectives for Development & Learning
How many pieces of documentation should I enter into SmartTeach™?

The Alabama Department of Early Childhood suggests that most objectives need at least two pieces of quality documentation for an accurate assessment rating at checkpoint. Your coach can give further guidance and support as some objectives may need more (or less) documentation, to help support the instructional process for student outcomes.

How will I receive credit for professional development attendance?

After the session completes, ADECE will give credit in PowerSchool based on attendance.

Attendees will receive their certificates within 3 weeks from the session date.

Public school teachers should contact their LEA for PowerSchool access.

Non-public schoolteachers should contact their Region Director.

As a First-Class PreK teacher; what is the guidance I should follow to ensure all information is correct for children with Individual Education Plans (IEPs) in SmartTeach™?

Please work with the child’s Case Manager or individual(s) responsible for supporting the child through the IEP, and be sure to review the guidance for First-Class Pre-K teachers (as well as other resources) in the AL OSEP Support & Resources Padlet.

What are the 2024–2025 Checkpoint Dates?

Fall Checkpoint: July 14,2024 – October 25, 2024

Winter Checkpoint: October 26, 2024 – February 21, 2025

Spring Checkpoint: February 22, 2025 – May 16, 2025

Summer Checkpoint: May 17, 2025 – July 11, 2025

ReadyRosie® Support Resources for
Alabama First-Class Pre-K

Alabama Early Learning Inventory (AL ELI)

The Alabama Early Learning Inventory (AL ELI) is the updated version of the Alabama Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills (AlaKiDS). The AL ELI is a formative-based assessment and includes a set of 16 developmental progressions across the 6 domains of learning and development. Kindergarten teachers will assess student’s learning and development in an online platform to capture a comprehensive view of what each child can do and use this information to personalize instruction. This evolution is due to the collaborative efforts of the Alabama State Department of Education and the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education. Please refer to the AL ELI Support & Resources Padlet for guidance and support information.

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