Bring Interest Areas to Life With the Kodo Kids Collection

Enhancing Block Play

Children will use their imagination and creativity to plan, build, and create using a variety of blocks, block accessories, ramps, large building accessories, and story play props. Add them to your existing collection and open endless exploration for the youngest learners in your classroom.

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Enhancing Art Collections

Foster young children’s creative expression and use their senses to create, represent, and express their ideas in visual form with a variety of art media, such as sand trays, rakes and textured rolling pins, chalk and chalk spinners, and weaving walls.

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Enhancing Dramatic Play

Inspire imagination and play experiences in which children explore roles, act out various scenarios, and make connections to moments in their everyday lives with textured play foods and bowls, silk scarves, a diverse collection of play dolls, wooden clothespins, and other handcrafted parts.

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Elevate children’s experiences with The Creative Curriculum with hiqh-quality materials from Kodo Kids.

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Enhancing Sand and Water Collections

Provide children with endless opportunities to fill, dump, mix, sift, sort, and combine with a variety of special tools, including a funnel stand; a wooden sorting tower and a variety of sifting, mixing, and sorting tools.

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Enhancing Discovery Collections

Create a sense of wonder and watch as children discover new concepts with marbles and rubber ramps, wooden tubes and bowls, a light lab panel, a light lab materials tray and special drawing board, acrylic pegs, and a gem spinner.

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Enhancing Outdoor Collections

Children love to run, jump, climb, play, and explore in the outdoors. Promote their health and well-being with unique outdoor ramps, funnels, balance scales, pails, scoops, and wooden balls

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Create More Effective Implementations

Support effective implementation and align to the interest areas and investigative studies in The Creative Curriculum.

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Energize Children

Take a tour of how you can energize children in hands-on investigative learning in your classroom.

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Utilize ESSER Funding

Implement research-based, investigative, and joyful learning experiences with the Kodo Kids collection.

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Energize Children with The Creative Curriculum and Kodo Kids

Elevate children’s experiences with The Creative Curriculum with hiqh-quality materials from Kodo Kids.

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