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Get Free Access to Teaching Strategies’ Prekindergarten Learning Solution for Texas

Engage children and families in the classroom or at home with developmentally appropriate digital curriculum and formative assessment — available at no cost to Texas educators as part of the Texas Home Learning 3.0 Initiative.

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Available at no cost to Texas educators
as part of the Texas Home Learning 3.0 Initiative

Teaching Strategies’
Prekindergarten Learning Solution

Supplement your program with any of our available resources or combine them for use as your complete solution.

Identify COVID-19 learning loss, individualize instruction, and improve outcomes with formative assessment.

Access bilingual, digital curriculum built upon Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines.

Navigate new learning configurations with on-demand professional development courses.

Our Prekindergarten Learning Solution Includes
Access for 3 Years to:


Texas Home Learning Instructional Webinars

Get more information and an overview of the Texas Home Learning 3.0
Prekindergarten instructional materials.

THL 3.0 Prekindergarten Instructional Materials Release

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Teaching Strategies Prekindergarten Intentional Teaching On-Demand Webinars

In addition to the Texas Home Learning Instructional Webinars, Teaching Strategies is offering on-demand webinars with early childhood leaders across the nation to share research, principles, and strategies for a successful year of Prekindergarten learning in Texas.

How Do I Meet the Academic Needs of All My Students? Early childhood differentiation made manageable!

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Honoring the Learner Throughout the Day: From open-ended questions, to welcome routines, to choice time and interest areas

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Project-Based Learning in the Early Childhood Classroom: How the project-based approach leads to rigor and impact

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Establishing a Strong Classroom Community in Any Environment!

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Strategies to Honor Children’s Culture and Elevate the Strengths of Dual Language Learners

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Get Free Access to Teaching Strategies’ Prekindergarten Learning Solution for Texas

Extend your Prekindergarten Solution for Texas now
and as part of  Proclamation 2021.

By integrating the essential components of early learning—Curriculum, Assessment, Professional Development, and Family Engagement, we’re helping inform the path to success for each and every child.

The Creative Curriculum® for Texas, print edition

100% Conforming to the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines by the Texas State Review Panel

See why Teaching Strategies is the #1 provider of early childhood solutions in the country



years of supporting early childhood educators


teachers have implemented
The Creative Curriculum® in their classrooms since 2018.


Texas families use ReadyRosie™ to support their child’s development and to partner with their local school.


of federally funded Head Start programs partner with Teaching Strategies.


of the largest public-school districts are transforming early childhood classrooms with The Creative Curriculum® or GOLD®.


high-quality, live, professional development sessions have been delivered in-person or virtual, since 2018.

Learn more about how you can help build a lasting foundation for the children in your Prekindergarten program.

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