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July 31, 2020

Most Head Start programs made their parenting curriculum decision before the current pandemic drastically altered the landscape for schools and programs across the nation. In fact, even before COVID19, ReadyRosie™ was the only research-based parenting curriculum on the Parenting Curriculum Review Database put out by the Office of Head Start that included the delivery of parent resources digitally.

With nationwide uncertainty about what “back to school” might look like, it is a good opportunity for programs to re-evaluate how their choice of parenting curriculum is able to adapt to environments that are likely to involve much less opportunities for live and in-person parenting trainings.

Here are some critical items to consider when re-evaluating your parenting curriculum and an outline of how ReadyRosie™ can support these needs:

4 Questions to consider and ReadyRosie™ Responses

1. Does your parenting curriculum enable meaningful digital connections with families?

: ReadyRosie™ supports the sharing of content in a variety of flexible ways to meet all families wherever they are. The ReadyRosie™ platform also encourages families to share back in a reciprocal goal-oriented way.

2. Can your parenting curriculum share ELOF1 and PFCE2 aligned content with families in a distance learning environment?

Response: ReadyRosie™ enables teachers and/or family support staff to deliver our family workshops remotely AND share ReadyRosie™ Modeled Moment videos and Research and Answer videos with families anytime!  ALL content is tied to the ELOF and PFCE.

3. Can your parenting curriculum provide families and staff an opportunity to co-create data to celebrate accomplishments and learn side by side?

Response: The ReadyRosie™ parenting curriculum tracks real time usage data that ties to learning outcomes and family outcomes.  ReadyRosie™ tracks and reports both qualitative and quantitative data on family’s experiences.

4. Can your parenting curriculum empower teachers and family support managers to collaborate in their support of families?

Response: ReadyRosie™ is the only parenting curriculum that can be used by both family support staff and teachers as they work together to connect families with resources and strategies to meet family goals and school readiness goals.

1. The Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework (ELOF)
2. The Head Start Parent, Family, and Community Engagement (PFCE)

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