Intentional Teaching Experience and ReadyRosie Alignment for Preschool

Intended to strengthen family partnerships, this alignment serves as a sampling of the correlation between Teaching Strategies' Intentional Teaching Experiences and ReadyRosie’s Modeled Moments for parents and caregivers of preschool children.

Intentional Teaching Experience Primary Objective/ Dimension ReadyRosie Activity
Language and Literacy
LL01 Shared Writing 17b Stuffed Animal Stories / Making a Grocery List
LL04 Bookmaking 17b Stuffed Animal Sentences
LL06 Dramatic Story Retelling 18c Recalling What Happened in a Story
LL08 Memory Games 12a Clap and Count
LL09 Pocket Storytelling: The Mitten 18a Asking Wh- Questions
LL11 Rhyming Riddles 15a Rhyming Purse
LL12 Same Sound Sort 15b Signaling for Sounds
LL14 Did You Ever See...? 15a Little Bo Peep Substitutions
LL16 Tongue Twisters 15b Swinging to Sounds
LL17 Walk a Letter 16a Stomp the Letters / Jump Rope Letters
LL18 What’s Missing? 12a Mystery Bag
LL20 Baggie Books 17b Morning Message
LL25 What’s for Snack? 17b Reading the Grocery List
LL26 Searching the Web 16a Magnetic Letter Mix Up
LL27 Writing Poems 9a Grocery Store Conversations
LL31 I Went Shopping 17b Shopping for Clothes
LL33 Clothesline Storytelling 18c Retelling the Story
LL34 Alphabet Books 16a Silverware Alphabet
LL39 My Daily Journal 19b Weekend News
LL42 Daily Sign-In 19a Name Game
LL52 Tap It, Clap It, Stomp It, Jump It 15c Grocery Sack Syllables
LL53 We’re Going on a Trip 9a Conversations in the Car (elementary video)
LL54 Asking Questions 9a Who Should We Ask?
LL55 Dance & Remember 8b Sequences of Sounds
LL62 Retelling Wordless Books 18c Wordless Picture Books
LL64 Will You Read to Me? 18b Retelling the Story
LL66 Reading Nonfiction Books 18c Getting Information from Pictures
LL67 Book Cover Memory Game 17a Book Bag Descriptions
LL69 Author & Illustrator 19b Write Me a Story (elementary video)
LL70 Author Study 17a Favorite Authors (elementary video)
LL74 Observing Insect Life 8a Family Sensory Walk (elementary video)
L22, LL32 currently do not have associated ReadyRosie content.
M01 Dinnertime 20b Putting Away Dishes
M06 Tallying 20a What's for Dinner?
M11 Graphing 20b Sort and Graph Leaves / Candy Sort and Graph
M21 Geoboards 21b Finger Shapes / Guess My Shape
M22 Story Problems 20b Packing for Our Trip
M40 Cube Trains 23 Setting the Table
M41 Making Numerals 20c May I Take Your Order? / Magazine Number Hunt
M42 Straw Shapes 21b Is it a Triangle? / Ways to Cut a Sandwich
M45 Picture Patterns 23 Sound Patterns / The Fence Problem
M51 Can You Find It? 21a Stuffed Animal Olympics / Finding the Groceries
M55 Stepping Stones 21a Little Miss Muffet Role Play
M77 Board Games 20a Car Race (elementary video)
M78 Math Collage 20c Three Ways to Show a Number
M81 Sink or Float? 20a How Many Can I Grab? / Sink or Float (focus on sink/ float rather than counting)
M84 Ramp Experiments 22a First Place
M85 Perler Patterns 23 Making Patterns
M91 Number Line Hop 20c Lily Pad Hop
P02 Play Dough Weaving 7a Playdough Lengths (ReadyBaby video)
P04 Kick High 6 Kick with Me (ReadyBaby video)
P08 Cutting With Scissors 7a Special Day Countdown
P09 Up and Away 6 Rock Toss
P11 Jump the River 5 Leap Frog Measure
P12 Exploring Pathways 4 Freeze Dance (elementary video)
P16 Body Part Balance 5 Fast and Slow (ReadyBaby video)
P22 Follow the Leader 4 Follow the Leader
P32 Math Journal 7b Detailed Drawing of a Face
P37 Wonderful Warm-Ups 5 Jump to It
SE03 Calm-Down Place 1a How should I handle temper tantrums?
SE04 Actively Listening to Children 1a Funny Faces
SE05 Character Feelings 2b If You're Happy and You Know It
SE07 Good-Byes 2a How can I help my child with separation?
SE14 Playing Together 2c Keep It Up / How can I stop my kids from fighting?
SE15 Making Choices 1b Screen Time Battles
SE19 Friendship & Love Cards 2b Thank You Note
SE20 Cleanup Time 1c Routine Strategy: Transition Timer
SE22 When, Then Statements 1b How can I get my child to listen to me?
SE24 I Don’t Like That! 3b Talking About Your Feelings
SE25 What Can We Build Together? 3a Building Houses
SE26 Making a Mural 2c Keep It Up