Sample Al’s Pals Materials

Provide the foundation of resiliency and protective factors that every child needs and deserves with a nationally recognized, evidence-based SEL curriculum designed for the specific needs of preschool children.

New Al’s Pals Sample Lesson

This is a sample of the newly updated version of the social–emotional lessons that are coming soon. These lessons will not only bring a digital experience to the Al’s Pals curriculum, but they have been updated to align with the objectives for development and learning, Intentional Teaching Experiences, Mighty Minutes®, and children’s literature. They now also have an “Including All Children” section, English-language learner support, teacher reflection questions, and much more.


Al’s Pals Sample Calm Down Poster

Serving as a visual reminder for your classroom, this Calm Down Poster will reinforce the Calm Down Steps discussed in the Calm Down lesson.

English          Spanish

“Calm Down”

Download “Calm Down”


Download “Cálmate”

Al’s Pals Sample Calm Down Song

Adding music to our learning helps us remember key concepts. The original song “Calm Down” helps you review the Calm Down Steps with children while listening to the tranquil music of Al’s Pals Songs for Stars.

Al’s Pals Sample Al-a-Gram

As children practice and display their attempts at using the Calm Down Steps, you can recognize their efforts by sharing a Calm Down Al-a-Gram with them. Children bring the Al-a-Gram home with them to discuss their learning with their families.


Al’s Pals Sample Family Letter

Use this sample family letter to introduce the Calm Down Steps at home. This family-friendly letter shares what children are learning in school and provides families with an illustration and poster to reinforce ideas at home.

English       Spanish

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