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Teaching Strategies
June 11, 2020

Our Back-to-School Commitment to You: A Solution for Distance Learning

A message for our readers about our back-to-school commitment:

Preparing for Back-to-School

As you have been busy planning for fall, we’ve been busy listening to your concerns and needs to help you move forward during this time. It’s been clear that you are preparing for various back-to-school scenarios—distance learning, a traditional classroom setting, or hybrid model—and are looking to your trusted partners to help.

Making a Commitment to You

Just as we committed to creating resources to help you support your families when COVID-19 first began impacting our lives, we are committed to creating resources and technology for you to feel confident in your plans for the new school year.

We have been busy building the following functionality into a single streamlined experience that we’re calling our Distance Learning Solution for this purpose, which will offer the following supports:

  • 24/7 access to digital curriculum
  • Developmentally appropriate, family-facing resources
  • Two-way communication between teachers and families
  • Consistency across in-class and at-home learning plans
  • Resources to help both teachers and children navigate transitions to new classrooms and new classroom configurations

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Teaching Strategies