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March 24, 2021

The Family Learning Pack: Make Summer Learning Soar and Continue All Year Long

The Family Learning Pack: Make Summer Learning Soar and Continue All Year Long

Meet Guillermo.

A few years ago, Guillermo joined our school community. Guillermo was new to the country, new to the idea of “school,” and new to the experience of living with just his dad. His mom and siblings had stayed in Guatemala for financial reasons. That is a lot of “new” for a four-year-old.

When this father and son entered our school community, what we gave them was a lot of administrative paperwork to fill out, health and vaccination requirements to meet, and new rules and regulations to follow. I wish we had been able to put something in their hands that communicated how much we valued them as partners in Guillermo’s development! I wish we could have given that family something to inspire time together and bonding, something to help them remember to laugh and play during this stressful time.

Many of our youngest children are now experiencing a similar level of “new” as Guillermo did a few years ago. Many young children who have had never had any type of high-quality early learning classroom experiences will enter our school doors this year. Many of our children will walk into our classrooms this fall by walking out of a home that has been impacted by the negative effects of the pandemic—job loss, economic stress, transience, even homelessness.

An Accessible, Engaging, Whole-Child Approach to Summer Learning

With this in mind, we created the Family Learning Pack—an accessible, engaging, whole-child summer learning adventure that puts meaningful materials in the hands of our schools and programs, which they can in turn distribute to families when they need it the most. These Family Learning Packs are designed to foster what research shows is most important in mitigating learning opportunity loss for young learners—productive play, positive relationships, and authentic language and cognitive experiences.

A mother and preschool age daughter reading together on a tablet.

By providing authentic books and home learning manipulatives combined with family- and child-facing digital tools and eBooks, these Family Learning Packs demonstrate that meaningful learning is all about connections—connecting the family and child, connecting families and schools or teachers, and connecting digital and physical learning experiences.

The Family Learning Pack

  • elevates summer learning by building capacity in families with ReadyRosie™;
  • engages and extends learning with immersive, child-selected video lessons with MarcoPolo World School;
  • reinforces and restores critical components of school readiness;
  • helps teachers gather qualitative and quantitative data around summer learning experiences;
  • helps families thrive at home this summer with the fun-filled backpack; and
  • supports children as they transition back to school and beyond.
Young girl wearing a backpack walking outside.

If you would like to learn more about this exciting new offering, watch our webinar: Make Summer Learning Accessible for Every Child and Family: Connecting home and school learning throughout the year.

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Teaching Strategies