Family Learning Pack

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Family Learning Pack


Make learning soar all year long


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Accessible, engaging, and whole-child approach

Revolutionize learning this year with the Family Learning Pack—a learning
adventure designed to empower families
and children and elevate their role in school readiness.






Elevate learning by building
capacity in families.

Build capacity in families with videos on topics such as supporting social and emotional development, handling challenging behaviors, and managing screen time; facilitate ready-made family workshops; and provide families with a way to share their challenges and successes.


Enhance learning with child-selected
video adventures and hands-on activities.

Immerse children in virtual field trips and hands-on activities that provide contextualized learning opportunities for promoting the development of critical thinking, inquiry, and foundational skills across content areas.


Reinforce and restore critical
components of school readiness.

Share videos aligned to learning adventures, learn from Teaching Strategies curriculum writers how to extend studies into the home, and encourage children to take more ownership of their learning journey with a printable game board and child-led digital learning.


Gather qualitative and quantitative data.

Collect qualitative insight into individual families’ home learning experiences and track program-level and individual user data by engagement to deliver evidence of impact on learning and family outcomes.


Send home a fun-filled backpack.

Help families build their capacity to support their children's learning and development while strengthening their family bond by sharing a backpack full of learning materials (available in English and Spanish) to help children thrive
at home!

Transition back to school and beyond.

Facilitate ReadyPreK and ReadyK family workshops and reinforce classroom concepts at home with
ReadyRosie™ playlists and child-selected video lessons that are aligned to The Creative Curriculum® studies.

Make learning soar with the Family Learning Pack

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