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Teaching Strategies Employee Spotlight: Arpen, Account Executive

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Arpen and his wife in a pumpkin patch
November 12, 2021

Arpen as a childMeet Arpen, an Account Executive for California and Nevada!

As an Account executive, Arpen spends a lot of his day partnering with various schools, programs, and individuals to find solutions that help them achieve the goals they set for their youngest learners. Together, they explore curriculum, assessment, family partnerships, and many more aspects of a child’s education, making each conversation more meaningful than the last!

Recently, we asked Arpen about his career at Teaching Strategies.


What attracted you to Teaching Strategies?

I taught preschool for several years before becoming a director of a local program to help extend my reach as an educator. During that time, I was able to use different materials from Teaching Strategies within my classrooms, and I could see the level of thought and care put into each of the products. While my school was shut down due to covid, I took some time to dive into Teaching Strategies, and I realized that the same effort was put into all the solutions. The icing on the cake was that while meeting with the employees here, I also found that many individuals shared similar experiences to me and had a strong passion for education.  The numerous education-related roles and perspectives that we bring to the table helps bring forth the best in our products and services.


What do you love most about the products we offer our customers?

I absolutely love that we’ve taken the whole-child approach to learning and used that to structure the products we provide. Many times, as adults, it’s easy to overlook skills and abilities that weren’t strengthened in our own upbringing, but by making that the focus for our youngest learners, we can confidently say that we are providing children with the tools to empower themselves.


How has TS supported your growth, both personally and professionally, during your time with the company?

Since joining Teaching Strategies a year ago, I’ve been able to strengthen my sales skills—lightyears ahead of my college RadioShack days! More importantly, I’ve been able to build on my passion for education by expanding my product knowledge while getting to meet and partner with so many amazing programs throughout  the U.S. My colleagues and superiors are continuously challenging me to be a better version of myself, and I’m able to apply that in all areas of my life.


What are you excited to contribute to as you continue to grow with TS?

I hope to continue extending my reach as an educator, not only to other programs but to help effect change with my peers, colleagues, and communities around me. I’m always looking forward to the next conversation with a customer and partnering up to provide strong solutions for their children and educators.


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