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Teaching Strategies is proud to support House of Ruth.

Over the past few years, it has been our honor to donate funding and in-kind support to this outstanding organization.

What is House of Ruth?

House of Ruth is a local organization that provides victims of domestic violence with the services necessary to rebuild their lives safely and free of fear. At House of Ruth, these struggling families get the support they need to heal from a lifetime of traumatic abuse.

“House of Ruth’s therapeutic, developmental childcare center provides the best care possible to the youngest survivors of homelessness and domestic violence. We are proud to partner with Teaching Strategies and to use The Creative Curriculum® at Kidspace. Their excellent techniques, tools and training have improved our teachers, our classrooms, and our services to children who are in great need.”

— Sandra Jackson, Executive Director at House of Ruth

A message from Kai-leé Berke,
CEO of Teaching Strategies

My mother was a young mother. I always liked that when I was little; I thought she was so much younger and cooler than the other moms—one of the many things that made her my hero. She also knew all the words to every Bruce Springsteen song, looked beautiful when she danced, was an exceptional artist, and ran her own business. She died from cancer right before Christmas when I was nine years old.

It is funny how when someone dies, you start to hear about their secrets; their backstory. You hear about the things that person hid from the world, and shielded the people in their lives from—particularly from their children. I never knew my birth father. My mother had remarried when I was very young, building a life with a wonderful man who adopted my brother and me. So I never thought about my birth father. But when she died and I started to piece together her backstory, I learned that like many other women (1 in 4 actually), my mother was a victim of domestic abuse.

When I was just a newborn baby she, after being badly beaten, took me and my older brother and left my father. It was 1977, the year after House of Ruth opened its doors to abused women who had children with them. My mother was fortunate to have a place to go, and family who could help her. Many women who are in similar situations find themselves without options and with nowhere to go.

I have spent my entire adult life working with children and families, many of whom are in high-risk circumstances or find themselves in crisis. It is all too easy for me to imagine what my life would have been like had my mother not left my father, had she not saved herself, and in doing so, saved me.

The work that the dedicated folks do at House of Ruth—providing hope, support and a place to live for women and children who have been victims of domestic violence—means a great deal to me and my family. I am so fortunate to work with like-minded, caring individuals here at Teaching Strategies who have shared in my support for that important work.

Founded in 1990, Kidspace Child and Family Development Center is a nationally accredited program for children ages six weeks through five years old. The children who attend Kidspace are from families that are homeless and living at House of Ruth or other programs in the District of Columbia. It is our privilege at Teaching Strategies to support Kidspace.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about House of Ruth and the amazing women and children they support. And thank you for your partnership and continued dedication to the young children and families you serve.

My warmest aloha,

Kai-leé Berke

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