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Permission to Reprint

All of our books and published materials are protected by copyright and trademark laws. However, we do occasionally grant permission to reprint excerpts for limited distribution for educational purposes only.

To request permission to reprint a section of our material, fill out our Online Permission Request Form, below. If the product in which you are including our material will be sold, please answer the questions about the sales price and quantity. Please allow 2–3 weeks for a response to your permission request.

We appreciate your interest in Teaching Strategies and look forward to helping you with your requests.

For DVDs:

If you wish to license one of our DVDs, please contact our Legal Department to request a Digital License Application.

For Print Materials, Web Site References, and/or Links:

Please fill out our Online Permission Request Form, below.

  • Person Making the Request

  • Complete Mailing Address

  • Request Information

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