Group of infants, toddlers and twos broken out by color and age group

Incorporate Meaningful Learning Experiences Into Daily Routines

Everyday moments with infants, toddlers, and twos present opportunities to build upon their natural curiosity. Create meaningful interactions that help young children learn to regulate their emotions and behaviors, participate in a group, develop relationships with people in their lives, and have confidence in their own learning.

Focus on Intentional Caregiving

Utilize resources designed specifically to support the unique demands of each day in an infants, toddlers, and twos program. Teachers and caregivers can provide children with the opportunity to develop secure attachments through developmentally appropriate resources that allow them to gain confidence as learners.

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Address the Unique Needs, Interests, and Abilities of All Children

Every child is different, so it’s no surprise that they learn differently, too. Easily meet an infant, toddler, or 2-year-old exactly at their level, including those with disabilities, with a unique color-coded progression that shows the typical development of a skill from birth through third grade.

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A Curriculum that Helps You Nurture Everyday Moments for the Youngest Learners

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The Creative Curriculum Cloud

Discover smart tools for responsive planning and meaningful engagement with every child and family. Designed to work for you, The Creative Curriculum Cloud streamlines planning, teaching, and engagement so you can focus on the important work with children that no technology could ever replace.

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Boost Teacher Confidence and Joy

Equip teachers with flexible professional development in a variety of formats, including embedded microlearning and a built-in online professional learning community with over 81,000 active early childhood educators. With guidance, support, and encouragement for effective implementation, teachers feel confident creating joyful learning experiences for every child.

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A sample of curriculum from The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers, and Twos

Spark Curiosity with Investigative Learning for Twos

Give two-year-old children the freedom to explore the world around them developmentally appropriate project-based learning. Complete your Infants, Toddlers & Twos Curriculum with Expanded Daily Resources for Twos and arm your teachers with resources designed specifically for two-year-olds.

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The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers & Twos has allowed my teachers to provide meaningful and engaging activities in their classrooms. It provides components teachers can use to ensure they are reaching the whole child, including social–emotional skills, cognitive skills, language, and physical development. The Creative Curriculum Cloud was a great addition for my teachers and parents.
Michael Truesdale
School Director, Educare of Washington, D.C.

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Our whole-child approach delivers academic rigor alongside social–emotional development, cognitive development, and meaningful interactions—inside the classroom and at home.

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Distinct age-targeted curriculum solutions focused exclusively on the development of infants, toddlers, and twos.


Granular skills aligned to the objectives of development and learning capture rapid progress


Entry screener identifies child’s developmental stage and directly feeds Individualized Child Plans


Ongoing guided assessment dynamically updates Individualized Child Plans and sets GOLD preliminary levels


Pre-populated weekly plans and care routines save teachers time


Deeply integrated digital and print experience

Frequently Asked Questions

What led to the creation of these new solutions?

The creation of these new solutions is in response to direct feedback from our customers. Our new and improved curriculum solutions for infants and toddlers empower teachers to support the unique needs of infants and toddlers during their critical periods of rapid development in more depth than ever before.

How does The Creative Curriculum allow teachers to individualize experiences for infants and toddlers?

These groundbreaking new solutions offer an integrated curriculum and guided assessment experience that provides teachers with the data and recommended pathing needed to truly individualize experiences for every child, every day. The result? Teachers now have an easy way to nurture every infant and toddler based on where they are in their individual development.

How does The Creative Curriculum incorporate play-based learning for infants and toddlers?

At the heart of The Creative Curriculum are 38 objectives for development and learning. They cover all areas of development and learning that research has shown to be essential for children’s success, including language and literacy, mathematics, social–emotional, cognitive, physical, social studies, and the arts.

Infants and toddlers engage in play during routines and experiences that offer opportunities for them to explore the world around them, engage with materials that interest them, and interact with the people around them, within the safety of a nurturing, consistent, and loving environment.

Are there resources available to support the implementation of The Creative Curriculum? 

Yes. Teaching Strategies offers the Professional Development Teacher Membership, which provides a wide variety of rich options for engagement and professional learning. The Professional Development Teacher Membership offers unlimited access to

  • a large catalog of flexible, modular, asynchronous courses in English and Spanish;
  • a rapid onboarding teacher program;
  • a professional learning community of nearly 100,000 educators;
  • an “Ask an Expert” service;
  • virtual, live sessions on a variety of early childhood topics;
  • all training for CDA and CCDF requirements; and
  • an opportunity to earn continuing education units (CEU).
What are the new features in the Creative Curriculum for Infants and The Creative Curriculum for Toddlers?

Our new curriculum solutions for infants and toddlers have a number of new features including:

  • Granular skills aligned to the Objectives for Development and Learning that support effective monitoring of rapid development happening from birth to age 2.
  • An entry screener that directly feeds individual child plans and provides clear guidance for what each child is working on now, populated with recommended skill development cards.
  • Skill development cards that provide activities and experiences to support the development of a specific skill.
  • Ongoing guided assessment that provides quick prompts for the teacher after each skill development card ti automatically feed preliminary levels in GOLD and update each child’s plan.
  • Teaching guides with re-populated weekly pals that reduce teacher time required for planning.
  • Care routine strategies integrated into the weekly schedule that leverage the time infants and toddlers spend in routines to deliver recommended experiences and build strong relationships.
  • The Creative Curriculum Cloud provides digital tools that help teachers plan, teach, assess, and communicate more efficiently.
  • Seamless connection between print and digital that enables easy switching between print and digital resources in the moment.

Everyday moments are what make your work truly special.

Make a meaningful difference in the lives of the very young children in your care and their families with The Creative Curriculum.

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