of early childhood teachers say they are not very familiar with 
the science of reading and only


feel they are very prepared to help children build early literacy skills

Bring Science of Reading Theory Into Practice

Increase early childhood educators’ confidence and their ability to deliver high-quality, impactful language and literacy instruction. The six units in the certification are designed to help teachers

  • gain foundational knowledge on science of reading,
  • build the foundation for reading skills,
  • apply theory to classroom practice,
  • obtain actionable guidance through coaching, and
  • build a comprehensive portfolio for certification.

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units of study
hours of coursework
hours of classroom application
dedicated coaching
years to complete certification

What’s Included

Live & On-Demand Courses

Ensure teachers are incorporating the essential elements children need to succeed as readers with on-demand and live courses that are IACET accredited, CEU-bearing, and count toward the CDA.

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Classroom Application

After diving into on-demand and live courses, incorporate best practices and techniques from the science of reading into your classroom and track your progress along the way.

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Dedicated Coaching

Connect and apply what you have learned in your science of reading training with the support of a dedicated coach. Whether you choose to work with a coach in a small group, 1:1, or in open office hours, we are here for you.

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Professional Learning

Build your unique science of reading training portfolio of learning and engage with a large community of early childhood educators to further build your practices and learn together with and from your peers.

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Journal and Portfolio

A journal and portfolio will document teachers’ learning and provide them a place to interact, share examples of what they have learned, and get direct feedback from their coaches.

More Reasons to Love The Early Literacy Certification


Comprehensive Approach

Our approach includes both literacy and language, not just a singular focus on reading.


Real Classroom Application

The heavy emphasis in the program is to put into practice the theory and research of the science of reading.


Dedicated Coaching

Unlike most programs, our certification offers the dedicated support of a language and literacy coach throughout the two-year program.


Accredited Partner

Teaching Strategies is IACET-accredited, and the certification includes CDA- and CEU-bearing courses and is aligned to literacy professional development & training requirements.


Professional Development Plus

The certification is part of our broader Professional Development Teacher Membership which offers over 400 hours of courses, an educator community of 80K, and much more.


What’s included in the certification?

The certification provides 50+ hours of coursework and 30+ hours of application that includes CEU-bearing on-demand courses, live teaching events, classroom application, dedicated coaching, a professional learning community that includes forums, 24/7 access to a language and literacy coach and expert, and a trackable journey.

Do I need to be using The Creative Curriculum or another Teaching Strategies product to benefit from certification?

No. Any early childhood educator will benefit from the certification program.

Is there science of reading training that specifically shows me how to apply its best practices to The Creative Curriculum and GOLD?

Yes. Both the in-program full and 2-day sessions cater to the unique focus as it relates to The Creative Curriculum and GOLD.

Will the certification count towards my CDA?

Yes. The program will count towards the hours needed to earn your CDA.

What type of coaching is included as part of the certification?

You’ll have a dedicated coach who will work with you throughout your certification. How you work with that coach is flexible: meet with a coach in open office hours with all certification participants, in small groups with other educators, or 1:1 with your coach.

How long will it take to earn my certification in the science of reading?

How you complete your certification is up to you. You can choose to complete it over 2 years or accelerate to a shorter timeframe.

Bring the Science of Reading to Life in Your Early Childhood Program.

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