The NC Division of Child Development and Early Education (DCDEE) and Teaching Strategies are hosting virtual professional development sessions with a focus on responsive planning. These sessions are intended for NC Pre-K teachers and assistant teachers, NC Pre-K Regional Consultants, Contracting Agency Administrators, Mentors, and Evaluators.

Planning responsively for children is one of the most important teaching duties, but it can also be one of the most difficult to know how to do effectively. In this 6-hour session, participants will begin to learn how to use the information they’ve gathered about children’s development and learning. Participants will practice evaluating their learning environments (and the environments they support), routines and experiences, and other important planning aspects. Based on their reflections, participants will explore the range of Teaching Strategies tools available to support in planning for children’s learning both in school and at home.

In this PD session participants will:

  • Identify Teaching Strategies resources that support children’s development and learning and elevate family partnerships in the preschool classroom
  • Explore Assessment At-a-Glance and analyze classroom trends.
  • Identify the defining characteristics of The Creative Curriculum interest areas.
  • Explain how interest areas support positive outcomes for children.
  • Demonstrate how to use the Teaching Strategies online platform resources to plan responsively for individual and groups of children

Participants are required to choose one (and only one) session offered below. All sessions contain the exact same content.

When registering for a professional development session please keep in mind:

  • Each participant must register to attend training separately (no group registration).
  • Each registration must include that person’s name and unique email address.
  • Only one registration will be accepted per person (duplicate registrations will be canceled).
  • Participants must attend only your registered session, which will total 6 hours of training.
  • All 6 hours of training must be completed in order to receive the training certificate. 
  • If you have not pre-registered for training, you will not be eligible for a certificate of completion.
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