It’s One “Less” Thing for Teachers to Do
Spend more time focused on relationship-centered responsive instruction and less time tracking down resources.

Home-to-School Connections Made Stronger (and More Efficient)
Provide automated or customized multimedia playlists to families with activities tied directly to classroom instruction and support two-way communication.

An Entire Community of Support for Teachers
Receive detailed guidance, support, and encouragement through a robust online professional learning community and embedded microlearning.

Smart Tools Help Teachers Individualize Instruction Every Day
Access everything you need to facilitate informed, individualized instruction at your fingertips.

When we got The Creative Curriculum©️ Cloud, I jumped for joy. It's awesome program. Everything you need is in the Cloud. It is so easy. It’s amazing. It has changed my whole life. It has changed my attitude. It’s stress-free. Everyone needs it, everyone wants it. It's the best thing ever.
Tandy Greer
Preschool Teacher
Strong Beginnings, U.S. Army, VA

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Enable all teachers—at any experience level—to provide inspired, developmentally appropriate, whole-child learning experiences with everything they need in one spot.

The Creative Curriculum Cloud for Preschool
The Creative Curriculum Cloud for Kindergarten
The Creative Curriculum Cloud for Infants, Toddlers & Twos

Plan, individualize, and guide every aspect of the day.

Access everything you need to facilitate planning and instruction in a single spot. Auto-populate your calendar with curricular resources, customize and share your daily and weekly plans, access comprehensive daily guidance and supplemental resources, and utilize detailed guidance to individualize learning.

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Access content when you need it, where you need it.

24/7 access to the entire library of curriculum resources on any device, along with real-time content updates, simplifies planning and teaching and expands opportunities for learning. Facilitate instruction with access to everything you need in the new Preschool Day View: no more chasing down each curriculum resource.

Discover a full library of resources from The Creative Curriculum for teachers and families
Teacher Resources*

  • Foundation Volumes
  • Getting Started guide
  • Teaching Guide
  • Intentional Teaching Experiences
  • Mighty Minutes
  • Book Discussion Cards
  • Digital access to a digital children’s library with over 200 titles for a variety of genres in English and Spanish with an interactive, child-friendly e-reader for preschool and kindergarten teachers and families
  • Photo Card Library


Family-Friendly Resources*

  • At-Home Guided Learning Plans
  • Guided Learning Experiences
  • Family Mighty Minutes
  • LearningGames
  • Recipe Cards
  • Digital access to a digital children’s library with over 200 titles for a variety of genres in English and Spanish with an interactive, child-friendly e-reader for preschool and kindergarten teachers and families

*Resources available may vary depending on your curriculum option. The Creative Curriculum Cloud is a core component of The Creative Curriculum for Preschool; The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers & Twos; and The Creative Curriculum for Kindergarten.

Empower teachers with everything they need
to plan and teach anywhere, anytime.

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Engage families and reinforce classroom learning at home.

Through our family mobile app, families receive automated interactive multimedia playlists, available in English and Spanish, which include family-friendly activities, videos, and children’s books that tie directly to classroom instruction. Communicate with families and receive at-home observations and documentation in real-time by sharing videos, photos, text, and files securely via a free iOS or Android mobile app.

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Easily find and incorporate resources to individualize learning.

Access our leading early childhood curriculum resources online and easily bring a content-rich, developmentally appropriate curriculum to life. The new ability to search for any activity by an objective for development and learning saves time and steps for teachers.

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Engage children with literature in the classroom and at home.

Nurture a love for reading and build language and literacy skills with our robust Digital Children’s Library, facilitated by an interactive e-reader designed for young learners and their families.

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Support teachers every step of the way.

Engage, connect, and share experiences with other early childhood educators and get the support you need when you need it. From embedded microlearning to a world-class online professional learning community, Teaching Strategies provides the support teachers need to ensure success for each child.

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Streamline planning, teaching, and instruction.

Save teachers time and steps so they can spend more time with every child.

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