Build stronger relationships with families and streamline program operations

We all have different priorities. Administrators need to know what’s happening in classrooms across their program; teachers want to focus their time on interacting with children, without being overwhelmed by daily tasks; and families want to feel connected to their child’s day. tadpoles® makes all of this possible, and so much more!

tadpoles® streamlines operations and builds stronger relationships with families. From a secure dashboard administrators can easily track items like attendance, real-time ratio counts, or quickly communicate important notifications during the day, allowing teachers to stay focused on engaging children in meaningful learning. tadpoles® also strengthens the bridge between school and home—connecting teachers and caregivers to families throughout the school day, giving families insight into their child’s daily routines and experiences.

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Teachers love tadpoles® because it’s seamless, time-saving, and helps them build important relationships with families.

With offline functionality, a user-friendly interface, and robust features tadpoles® makes communicating with families seamless, efficient, and paperless. Teachers can create detailed plans with co-teachers, share photos with family members, create daily reports for each child, and so much more!

tadpoles® makes it easy to connect teachers, caregivers, and families as they work together to support and take delight in children's developing personalities, interests, and abilities.

Features for Teachers:

  • Share photos, videos, and notes with families throughout the day
  • Record meals, activities, naps, and more to daily reports
  • Prepare lesson plans in advance on the app or online, then save time as pre-planned activities copy automatically onto children’s daily reports
  • Take attendance and record transitions throughout the day
  • Record classroom visitations
  • Track absences per child and per classrooms, due to illness or vacation
  • View medical and birthday reminders
  • View a child’s allergy and emergency information
  • View names of those permitted to pick up children
  • View important emergency/medical contact information (doctors, dentist, etc.)

Administrators love tadpoles® because it simplifies operations and streamlines communications.

As you know, administrators can get pulled in many different directions at one time. The tadpoles® dashboard offers a live view of the activity at a program or school, even from offsite.

From the tadpoles® dashboard administrators can quickly send out communications to staff within the program or school, and to families throughout the day!

Features for Administrators:

  • View attendance data and real time counts per class
  • Track and export attendance detail
  • Manage classroom enrollment, ratios, and daily plans
  • Manage a child’s profile information, their primary family members, approved contacts, and enrollment status
  • Manage profiles for staff members
  • View medical and birthday reminders for staff and children
  • Access portfolios for all children
  • Access to a variety of reports, such as 15-minute counts, meal distribution, individual attendance, and a planning report useful for scheduling and staffing needs
  • View, reference and even approve photos and videos before sending to families
  • Track amount of photos and videos taken in each classroom
  • Review daily reports and track delivery history
  • Send emergency alerts by text message and email
  • Schedule or send notes and newsletters to families by email
  • Forecast enrollment

Families love tadpoles® because they feel connected to what their child is experiencing even when they aren’t there with them.

We know that nothing is more important to families than the security of their children and the privacy of their children’s information. That is why we have engineered our system to allow safe and secure sharing from schools and programs to primary family members and approved contacts. Families will receive important communication via email or through the free tadpoles® family app, about their child’s day, including daily activities and learning experiences that happened, important notes and reminders, and even photos and videos!

Families can:

  • Share information about at-home care events with teachers
  • Receive a notification when their child is checked in each morning to ensure stress-free drop-offs
  • Receive photos, videos and daily reports via email, family app or web login
  • Access historical photos, videos and reports from their child’s entire career at school
  • Download and share photos and videos of their children
  • Receive emergency alerts by text message and email
  • Use the mobile app to mark an absence for their child, whether sick or on vacation

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