Al’s Pals

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Young Children Need
Resiliency Now, More Than Ever

Al’s Pals, a comprehensive social–emotional learning curriculum
designed for the specific needs of preschool children, is now part
of the Teaching Strategies family.

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Nationally recognized. Evidence-based.


Designated CASEL
SELect Program

The National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning
Rated highest level of evidence of effectiveness


Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Designated Model Program


Department of Education
Designated Effective School-Based Prevention Program

Build the foundation children need
for success in school and in life

Al’s Pals provides young children with the skills to prepare for life’s challenges through interactive lessons, engaging puppets, original music, and impactful teaching approaches.

• Cultivate Conflict Resolution and Problem-Solving Skills
• Help Children Manage Feelings and Behaviors
• Build Positive Relationships & Prevent Bullying
• Create Caring, Cooperative Classrooms
• Teach Children to Make Healthy Choices
• Build Authentic Family Partnerships

A Social–Emotional
Learning Curriculum You Can Trust


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Aligned to Early
Learning Standards

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Professional Development

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The Making of the
Al’s Pals Original Songs and Music

Learn how we created the brand-new Al’s Pals songs and music to reinforce core social–emotional learning concepts, language, and vocabulary while providing an authentic musical experience that will be loved by children, families, and teachers.

“We Are Stars”


“Somos Estrellas”


What’s Included in Al’s Pals

Learn more about how Al’s Pals promotes resiliency in children ages 3–6 through the development of social–emotional skills, self-control, problem-solving abilities, and healthy decision-making.


Six Positive Messages eBook

Discover simple yet powerful messages educators can send throughout the year to foster relationships and encourage children to see themselves as empowered participants in a community of learners.

Trauma-Informed Care Webinars

Learn how to support children and families in the aftermath of traumatic events and get strategies for providing responsive care and encouraging resiliency.

Foster Resiliency
When It’s Needed the Most

Give young children the skills to prepare for life’s challenges with Al’s Pals, an evidence-based comprehensive social–emotional learning curriculum designed to meet the specific needs of preschool children.

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