Selecting Solutions for Your Early Learning Programs: A Conversation With the Ministry of Education of Bermuda

Recorded: Tuesday, June 18, 2024
1 hr
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About this Session

Selecting the curriculum and tools for your early learning programs is one of the most impactful decisions you make. Over 10 years ago, the Ministry of Education of Bermuda was looking for a developmentally appropriate, culturally relevant, and academically rigorous education program for their preschool and kindergarten classrooms island-wide.

In this webinar, we will hear from a teacher and a principal from Northlands Primary School in Bermuda about how the Teaching Strategies connected ecosystem has been instrumental to significant improvements in children’s social–emotional, cognitive, literacy, and math skills across their programs. With our solutions, they were able to

  • increase academic rigor and student engagement through differentiated learning opportunities;
  • integrate culturally relevant content and engaging learning experiences into developmentally appropriate curriculum;
  • create better instructional practices and learning environments across all programs; and
  • overcome teacher resistance to change with personalized training, both in-person and online.

Join us to learn how the Ministry of Education of Bermuda ensures career, college, and workforce readiness from the earliest ages by developing high-quality childcare centers and preschool programs in a collaborative partnership with Teaching Strategies.

Suzana Spina M.Ed.
International Senior Partner Success Manager
Teaching Strategies
Tamicia Darrell
Acting Principal
Northlands Primary, Bermuda
Dionne Tuzo
P1 Teacher & Math Teacher Leader
Northlands Primary, Bermuda
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