Voices from the Field: Establishing Priorities During COVID-19

Recorded: Thursday, April 9, 2020
1 hr
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1 hr
About this Session

We’re here to help. There is no “best practice” right now; together, we are in uncharted territory. But our priorities remain the same. We want and need our children to feel safe and loved. Beyond the basic needs of safety and security, we want to help ensure consistency, structure, and ultimately nurture the joy and love of learning within each child’s home right now. We’ve invited some of our partners in the field to join us in sharing positive approaches that have been working, like continuing study learning at home, getting creative with read-alouds, weekly individual check-ins, all-class Zoom calls, and more. We’ll highlight the free resources we’re making available to help teachers maintain an active role in facilitating learning at this time.

Breeyn Mack
Senior Vice President of Education
Teaching Strategies
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