Building Vocabulary, Fluency, and Comprehension

Recorded: Thursday, March 21, 2024
1 hr
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About this Session

Even while young children are only just beginning to understand the relationship between sounds and written words, they benefit enormously from exposure to more complex language and hearing experienced readers read aloud. Every aspect of a day spent with children is a chance to expand their exposure to new words, phrases, ideas, and reading experiences that help build background knowledge and lay the foundation for later automaticity—all of which leads to the ultimate goal of reading, the comprehension of unfamiliar texts.

In this 1-hour webinar, we will explore how authentic experiences such as working and playing in classroom interest areas; engaging in long-term, project-based studies; and hearing adults read aloud a variety of texts work together to help put every child on the path to a lifetime of literacy and learning.

Nicol Russell, Ed.D.
Vice President, Implementation Research
Teaching Strategies
Tina Sykes, M.Ed
Applied Research Manager
Teaching Strategies
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