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Emily Roden
October 24, 2019

5 ways to support children’s development at home

When I founded ReadyRosie™, it was with the understanding that families play the most significant role in their child’s development, especially in the early years. Yet, when I had my first daughter, Rosie, I personally felt lost. I asked myself, Was I doing enough? Were our experiences developmentally appropriate? And I was a former teacher! I knew there was something missing. Parents, grandparents, and other caretakers deserve access to information that is easy to understand and put into action. And with that idea, ReadyRosie™ was born—created to give families the confidence to support their children’s development in intentional ways.

Don’t tell, show.

The backbone of ReadyRosie™ is our collection of Modeled Moments, which are videos that don’t tell caretakers what to do with young children, but show them how to do it. When parents can see an activity in action—modeled by a REAL father and his REAL son in their REAL environment—something just clicks. I think it is because all of the ReadyRosie™ Modeled Moment videos are co-created with families, and act as a megaphone of family assets and the strengths that they bring to the table.

I’ve compiled five of my favorite ReadyRosie™ activities that demonstrate five different essential components of family interactions.  Please play these games and do these activities with a young child today!  Both you and the child will be transformed by the joy and bonding that magically happens when you take the time to intentionally connect!


1. Play Together

It is challenging for me as a parent to take the time to get on the floor and play when I am thinking about all of the tasks I need to accomplish during the day! Yet, every time I do, I feel closer to my children, knowing I have entered into their world and tapped into their amazing imaginations.  (Plus, playful interactions increase their creativity, social-emotional competencies, and vocabulary!)



2. Read Together

Sharing books is not a “have to,” it is a “get to!” There is no single activity that has prompted more joy, bonding, and conversation in my home than reading together. Do all caregivers know how playful and interactive shared reading can be? This Modeled Moment video is just one example of that!



3. Talk Together

Between work, school pick-ups and drop-offs, dinner, laundry, etc., it is remarkable how many days I fall into bed and think, “Did I really connect with my kids today?”  Here is one of many Modeled Moment videos designed to prompt great conversations that support a child’s development.




4. Solve Problems Together

The world is full of problems to solve and young children are always up for solving them.  Playing games that solve problems promotes a child’s early math and reasoning skills and gives them confidence as problem solvers! Whether it is measuring a table with sugar packets while waiting for food at a restaurant or predicting how far a child can jump as you go for a walk, intentionally solving problems on the go is something all families can be doing.



5. Bond Together

Eye contact, proximity, attunement—these are all part of the secure, bonded relationships that our children need to form with adults.  I personally have to intentionally remember and prioritize bonding experiences with my own children. Modeled Moments are excellent reminders!



How are you helping families support intentional, meaningful relationships with their children?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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