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All Essential Ingredients for High Quality Early Childhood Education

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Teaching Strategies
October 27, 2020

Our comprehensive program supports a nurturing environment that offers each child encouraging, engaging learning experiences of the highest possible quality—where all children develop a love for learning and become creative, confident, and caring learners.

All of the essential components of a high-quality early education program1 can be found in our research-based program, integrated in a single digital experience. With our program, you can…

  • identify each child’s skills, knowledge, and abilities and provide an individualized path forward for development and learning.
  • empower the whole child by placing equal emphasis on academic rigor in content areas and cognitive, physical, and social–emotional development, with learning taking place through intentional play, hands-on and “minds-on” project-based investigations, and meaningful interactions that inspire a lifelong love of learning.
  • build powerful family partnerships with content and tools that help families create meaningful home learning experiences and build positive parent-child relationships.
  • continuously improve outcomes through data insights only available when valid, reliable, authentic formative assessment is linked with other essential components of teaching.
  • receive a range professional development and training, with the support, encouragement and guidance that matters, each and every day throughout your professional journey.

Only Teaching Strategies integrates all essential elements: curriculum, assessment, professional development, and family partnerships.

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