Kodo Toys and Games Comprehensive Kit

 Support mathematical concept development, cooperation, and autonomy with this vast array of unique tools and loose parts. This collection focuses on geometry, number sense, and spatial relationships. Use pieces from this set to enhance your Discovery area, too. WHAT’S INCLUDED:  Balance – Beautiful wooden balance is a simple tool… Read More

Kodo Toys and Games Basic Kit

A huge collection of all-natural wooden loose parts, a beautiful wooden balance, and sparkling tiles to sort and match comprise this intriguing collection of one-of-a-kind manipulatives to invigorate your Toys and Games interest area. WHAT’S INCLUDED:  Balance: This beautiful wooden balance is a simple tool for children to learn… Read More

Kodo Sand and Water Comprehensive Kit

This robust collection features four portable sensory bins and oodles of tools to create cause and effect sand and water experiences just about anywhere. It features a beautiful wooden Sift and Sort tower with removable screens for exploring dry materials; a Funnel Stand; 50 lbs. of silky-smooth Jurassic Sand; and… Read More

Kodo Sand and Water Basic Kit

Reinvigorate your sand and water play spaces with tools and materials that are irresistible to children. These materials have been selected to support logic and reasoning, fine-motor skill development, and earth science concepts. This collection features Kodo’s signature Funnel Stand, silky-smooth Jurassic Sand, and unique tools. WHAT’S INCLUDED:  Funnel… Read More

Kodo Outdoors Comprehensive Kit

Get everything you need to turn your outdoor space into a physical science learning lab! This comprehensive collection includes the Outdoor Balance, the Outdoor Funnel Stand, a set of sturdy outdoor ramps with a storage center, pails, scoops, pipes, sandbags, and more! WHAT’S INCLUDED:  Outdoor Funnel Stand: This wooden… Read More

Kodo Outdoors Basic Kit

Get into physics with a sturdy set of Kodo’s Outdoor Ramps, an Outdoor Funnel Stand, sturdy scoops, and specially designed sand sifters. Children will love using the tools in this basic set to explore flow, volume, and material properties in your sandbox and outdoor learning area. WHAT’S INCLUDED:  Outdoor… Read More

Kodo Dramatic Play Comprehensive Kit

This comprehensive collection includes wool play props, a set of four Empathy Dolls, and handcrafted wooden parts. It features Kodo’s exclusive Playscape Platforms, a set of large discs and arches that children use to construct their own make-believe environments, including tables and story platforms! Playscape Platforms can be used to… Read More

Kodo Dramatic Play Basic Kit

These imaginative props for dramatic play also promote science, math, and social studies. The collection includes unique wooden play clips, charming wool play foods, and beautiful materials for constructing make-believe settings. WHAT’S INCLUDED:  Wood Play Clips: Indispensable for building fabric forts, tents, and caves, this set of four large… Read More

Kodo Discovery Comprehensive Kit

Kodo’s Light Laboratory is the centerpiece of this robust collection of tools and open-ended parts selected to elevate wonder, discovery, and learning in your The Creative Curriculum® classroom. This collection features beautiful, open-ended parts handcrafted using natural materials; a compelling Marble Rubber Ramp set; wooden tiles; and much more, all… Read More

Kodo Discovery Basic Kit

This collection features the Activity Tray, a portable focused space for play and investigation. It also includes Kodo’s exclusive Marble Rubber Ramp set and beautifully crafted wooden tubes for inspiring investigation and scientific thinking. WHAT’S INCLUDED:  Activity Tray: The Activity Tray creates a focused and portable activity space for… Read More