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Teaching Strategies Employee Spotlight: Adriana, Solution Specialist

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Teaching Strategies
May 31, 2024

Growing up in Costa Rica in a family of educators, Adriana always knew that she would follow the lead of the adults around her and become a teacher one day. Adriana spent 17 years in the classroom before deciding to take a step back to spend more time with her child. Having become familiar with The Creative Curriculum and GOLD through her experiences in the classroom, Teaching Strategies was her first thought when determining where and how to pivot after her transition out of the classroom.

Soon after making this decision and doing some research, Adriana joined Teaching Strategies as a sales development representative, and she has recently transitioned into a new and exciting role as a solutions specialist! In her new role, she focuses on our social–emotional resources, including ReadyRosie, Al’s Pals, and Noni. Adriana says, “Social–emotional support has always been my passion, so this role is a perfect fit for me.”

Recently, we asked Adriana to share her thoughts on work and life at Teaching Strategies.


How does our mission resonate with you?

For 17 years of my life, my mission was to help develop preschool children’s potential to their fullest. I always believed that with the support of developmentally appropriate and evidence-based resources, this goal was much easier to achieve. Now, I’m happy that I can continue to accomplish this, but from the other side of the teacher-resource relationship.


What is the most rewarding part of your work with Teaching Strategies?

The most rewarding part of my work with Teaching Strategies is the opportunity to connect with, share knowledge with, and assist educators nationwide. Being able to collaborate with teachers from diverse backgrounds and regions allows me to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges they face and the innovative approaches they employ in their classrooms. By sharing resources, strategies, and best practices, we not only support educators in their professional growth but also positively impact the learning experiences of students and families across the country. It’s truly fulfilling to know that our collective efforts contribute to creating brighter futures for children everywhere.


How does the work-life balance provided by Teaching Strategies allow you to spend time with your family and pursue outside interests?

If you organize yourself well, it’s a huge game changer. There’s a ton of research behind the efficacy of physical, nourishment, social, and cognitive micro-breaks for increasing well-being and performance. Having the opportunity to incorporate these breaks throughout the day is amazing. I also appreciate the family-oriented culture of the company. Balancing work with caring for my 6-month-old requires careful planning, but I’m thankful for the flexibility the company provides, which enables me to manage both responsibilities effectively. If I have an emergency with my baby, people genuinely understand and are flexible. It’s a company that recognizes we have lives outside of work and that achieving balance allows us to be more productive.

What do you enjoy most about the company culture, and what aspects would you like to see evolve?

One of my favorite aspects is the family-oriented culture, along with the work-life balance it promotes. I appreciate the abundance of former teachers; it creates a community where people are eager to help and are genuinely kind to each other. Additionally, there are a variety of opportunities for career progression. Despite working remotely, I already feel a sense of closeness with some of my colleagues.

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