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Teaching Strategies Employee Spotlight: Crystal Delaine, Partner Success Manager

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February 23, 2024

As a preschool teacher, Crystal used Teaching Strategies products in her classroom. She respected how the products could be used in the classroom as education evolved. Of her experience using our products, Crystal said, “I could tell that with the work, time, and energy the company puts in daily, educators and children were their number-one priority.” When the time came for Crystal to leave the classroom and her career as an educator, she knew Teaching Strategies would be a perfect fit for her next role.

After 10 years in the classroom, Crystal is now a Partner Success Manager here at Teaching Strategies, building relationships with customers and ensuring long-term success for their programs.






Recently, we asked Crystal to share her thoughts on her work with our customers and her experience at Teaching Strategies.

What do you love most about the products and services we offer to our customers?

I love our studies. I love how it creates learning experiences for every child while allowing them to draw from everyday experiences. Our studies drive children to be independent thinkers, solve problems, and find answers to questions. It is impressive to see where their mind takes them when you mention buildings, clothes, water, and our other investigative topics. Then, to walk down a hall or talk to a program and see each class have a different experience with the same topic shows us that children are using their acquired skills in meaningful ways. I love to see children take ownership of their learning opportunities.


What do you feel sets us apart from our competitors?

The ability to have a curriculum that teachers can customize to fit the needs of their classes and programs sets us apart from our competitors. Even though we provide the general layout, teachers can add custom resources and activities and move and add times of the day to adjust their lesson plans. It allows educators to keep ownership of lessons while promoting inclusivity, flexibility, and relevance. As a former teacher and current employee, I appreciate that Teaching Strategies intentionally allows teachers to keep the ownership of individuality.


Tell us about a time you have really been able to see your impact in your work or with our customers.

Another part of my job is to do engagement sessions for programs. One thing I love about doing these is seeing and hearing the educators’ responses when I give them an overview of our platform. They say things such as “Wow, this will save me some time with lesson planning,” or “I love this new feature and can’t wait to use it.” We are impacting education when I hear responses like these. I love showing off our new features and what we plan to do at Teaching Strategies because it gets our educators excited and shows that we value and listen to their feedback.


What do you love most about your work and life at Teaching Strategies?

Work and life at Teaching Strategies is amazing. I get the opportunity to work with a diverse group of professionals who all share the same passion for early childhood education. We are all committed and driven to positively impact children everywhere. This passion and commitment of our staff is reflected,  not only in the work we do at Teaching Strategies but also in our community service. I admire that our genuine focus is on children and their families.

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