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Mitigating the Impact of Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences: Innovative Support for Building Trauma-Sensitive Classrooms with Noni

Recorded: Wednesday, March 16, 2022
1 hr
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About this Session

Teachers don’t have to face challenging classroom behaviors on their own. Noni, our new first-of-its-kind app, supports preschool, pre-K, and elementary school teachers working with children who have been impacted by trauma. Noni provides real-time support to help teachers build trauma-sensitive classrooms and understand, manage, and predict dysregulated child behaviors that stem from exposure to toxic stress and ACEs.

Join us to learn more about Noni, watch a demo, and see how it provides teachers with

  • relationship-based, whole-class support, including individualized plans for children who need them;
  • immediate, in-the-moment guidance for moments of heightened classroom stress;
  • a robust library of video, audio, and text-based opportunities to support their professional learning—with a focus on trauma, ACEs, dysregulated behaviors, and the importance of relationship-building in working with trauma-impacted children;
  • support for working with families as partners in healing from trauma; and
  • resources that support teachers in prioritizing their own self-care and mental wellness.

Create trauma-sensitive, relationship-focused learning environments to mitigate the impact of trauma and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) on young children with Noni.

Breeyn Mack
Senior Vice President of Education
Teaching Strategies
Donna Fowler
Senior Director, Learning & Solutions Implementation
Teaching Strategies
Nicol Russell, Ed.D.
Vice President, Implementation Research
Teaching Strategies
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