2016 Winner AAP REVERE Awards Pre K-12 Learning

Every child is different—it’s no surprise that they learn differently, too.

At Teaching Strategies, we celebrate those differences—and are committed to developing tools that help you meet the individual needs of each child. That’s why GOLDplus® was created. GOLDplus® harnesses the power of The Creative Curriculum® to create a single, revolutionary solution for individualizing instruction. It’s assessment plus instruction. Observation and documentation plus curricular experiences. Child-specific information plus automatically-tailored learning opportunities. The insight from GOLD® plus the magic of The Creative Curriculum®.

GOLDplus® takes the guesswork out of individualizing instruction, so you can get back to doing what you love most—building strong relationships and connecting with each child.

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More Accuracy & Confidence

GOLDplus® automatically integrates your assessment data with your curriculum data, letting you toggle between teaching and assessing in the moment, with just the tap of a finger.

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Effective Teaching

As a teacher, you can be most effective when you have great insight—into each child’s needs, into any gaps in assessment data, into where to focus professional development efforts. GOLDplus® offers the benefit of all that insight, plus lots more.

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Streamlined & Simplified Planning

GOLDplus®, powered by The Creative Curriculum®, streamlines and simplifies your planning process with weekly and monthly calendars and innovative tools that let you populate or rearrange your day with just a few taps.

See GOLDplus® in Action!

Take a peek inside to explore how GOLDplus® can help you meet the needs of every child, in the moment:

For Preschool Classrooms

For Infants, Toddlers, and Twos Classrooms

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There is no better way to learn about GOLDplus® than to see it in action. GOLDplus® demos are regularly scheduled to give you a look inside this exciting tool.


GOLDplus® has made our teachers excited again about what they’re doing.”

– Melisa Larson, Education Coordinator

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Not a user of The Creative Curriculum®?

GOLDplus® can still simplify your planning! With weekly and monthly planning templates GOLDplus® has the ability to help you make learning an individualized experience for every child and help children become creative, confident thinkers.

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